Sumire: Simplicity can be deceiving
Sumire is undoubtedly a kid-friendly game, but it is not childish. The feelings it touches on suggest the sort of wisdom an adult might look to pass on to a child to prepare her for a world that is beautiful as well as disappointing.
Mario Golf: Super Rush brings the putting green to your living room
The strength of Mario Golf: Super Rush is in its core mechanics. And, of course, the cuteness of its iconic characters.
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a zany showcase for PS5′s visual potential
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, the 17th game in the series about an adventurous tinkerer and his robot companion, is another lighthearted adventure that coasts on lame jokes and madcap action sequences.
Microsoft wants to offer Xbox gaming on TVs without the console
Xbox is looking into cloud gaming, which would require just a video game controller and an internet-connected television to play games.
Returnal is a genre-bending sci-fi horror game that somehow works
The key to the challenging ‘Groundhog Day’-like PlayStation 5 game Returnal is figuring out what the situation requires.
MLB The Show 21 spectacular but flawed
Gameplay is lots of fun on MLB The Show 21, but statistical analysis is one area that hasn't advanced much.
A dryly comedic rooster in a trench coat is only half the fun of Chicken Police
There is a perfect little joke at the start of the closing credits for Chicken Police - Paint it RED. It would be rash of me to give away the punchline -- it’s a slight thing -- but it so thoroughly fits the spirit of what came before that it made me chuckle.
Biomutant: A cool world that needs better combat
If you can believe it, biodiversity and mutation are at the core of the narrative and mechanics of Biomutant. That’s not always a strength. The game’s weird, Frankenstein design cobbles together so many elements owed to its contemporaries that the game often feels like less than the sum of its parts.