Alan Wake 2 revives the story-driven video game

The opening moments of Alan Wake 2 are among the creepiest ever in a video game. It’s this extreme horror factor that’s captivated gamers since the game’s release. In Alan Wake 2, developer Remedy Entertainment proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a game can still excel with storytelling and mood as its backbones.

Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb has written more hit songs than almost anyone

It’s estimated that Kennedy Center honoree Gibb has written or co-written more than 1,000 songs. “Grease?” Gibb. “To Love Somebody?” Check. “Guilty?” Guilty. “Islands in the Stream,” “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart,” “Nights on Broadway,” “I Just Want to Be Your Everything,” the last for younger brother and teen heartthrob Andy who died in 1988 at age 30. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Liner Notes: ‘Priscilla’ soundtrack has no King, but that doesn’t have to be a thing

The Soundtrack To The Elvis Movie With No Elvis Music In It is interesting, nostalgic, carefully combed and, above everything, fun.

Back into the fold — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III review

Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II came out last year, the excitement for the new one has been palpable.

No one knows Joan Baez’s story like the friend who put it on film

Trust informs nearly every aspect of the film “I Am a Noise,” which includes some surprising details of Joan Baez’s life, including audiotapes of her therapy sessions and letters she wrote to her family when she was becoming unexpectedly famous.

Liner Notes: 10 Christmas songs to get your holiday playlist started

Christmas doesn’t have to be reserved for only Mariah Carey and her merry band of believers.

The dose of self-care you didn't know you needed? Playing the new Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is both a return to tradition, as it’s the first traditional side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. game in 11 years, but despite familiar foes and save-the-kingdom objectives, it is also a game full of surprises.

Vietnam veteran’s jazz-rock opera conveys stories of World War I Black troops

For veteran J. Kimo Williams, a composer and musician, the military and war are themes that he revisits in a career that spans nearly 50 years — from his tour in Vietnam to his research on discrimination Black veterans experienced after World War I.

Liner Notes: Springsteen heads to Europe and Creed reunites in this month’s tour roundup

The Boss, with the E Street band, gearing up for several weeks overseas in 2024.

Nia DaCosta makes her mark with ‘The Marvels’

‘Candyman’ director the youngest filmmaker and 1st Black woman to helm an MCU film, which is also the 1st in franchise with all-female leads and a female villain.

8 finalists from across US military compete, connect through USO’s Madden tournament

Eight finalists from across all branches and theaters in the U.S. military will compete in the United Service Organizations’ third annual Madden NFL gaming tournament in Dallas before the New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys Salute to Service game, with the two winners receiving two tickets each along with travel accommodations to Super Bowl LVIII.

Joe Walsh, still soaring with the Eagles, coming to San Diego for VetsAid concert

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Joe Walsh is understandably proud of the lineup for his VetsAid benefit concert in San Diego on Sunday. The concert will be the seventh edition of VetsAid since Walsh and his wife, Marjorie, launched the event in 2017.

Liner Notes: Swift’s winning streak continues as ‘Cruel Summer’ hits No. 1

The track is getting a fresh run on pop radio after becoming a fan favorite.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 offers a familiar story and pristine gameplay

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fuses both of the Spider-Man stories from previous Insomniac Games titles in one. The new spin on classic characters offers intrigue and a few surprises.

Cher invites friends to help create new gift for fans

There isn't much Cher hasn't done in her career. A Christmas album is new territory, though.

20 years in, Call of Duty is a cultural and financial titan

Call of Duty’s impact on gaming is indisputable. The franchise remains one of the biggest in the world. One reason might be because the game uses military consultants and veterans to improve the realism.

What age is too old to trick-or-treat? Parents and teens weigh in

Caught between childhood and adulthood, many teens still want to trick-or-treat. And parents often agree, hoping they can hold on to their innocence just a bit longer.

Sony's Access controller for the PlayStation aims to make gaming easier for people with disabilities

Playing video games has long been a challenge for people with disabilities, chiefly because the standard controllers for the PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo can be difficult, or even impossible, to maneuver for people with limited mobility. And losing the ability to play the games can exacerbate social isolation in a community already experiencing it at a far higher rate than the general population.

Liner Notes: ‘Lahai’ cements Sampha’s place at forefront of modern R&B

After just two albums, Sampha has quietly become one of the most essential voices in modern-day R&B. “Lahai” cements the singer’s place in forward-thinking soul music for as long as he wants it.