Liner Notes: So, what was the song of the summer?

Rarely do speculative music writers issue a follow-up to that annual query. So, here’s ours.

If players can scale difficult wall, Armored Core VI turns into a masterpiece

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon will seriously challenge players. Those that rise to it will not only appreciate the depth of gameplay but also gain confidence.

A digital call to arms

As of this moment, I have logged 468 hours on Call of Duty. It’s all in the secret hope that I have the opportunity to challenge the editorial team of our British counterparts at Soldier Magazine at this upcoming CODE Bowl.

Starfield makes good on galactic promises

A marvel of planning and engineering, Starfield’s main story is Bethesda studio’s best quest yet.

Liner Notes: Zach Bryan announces giant tour in 2024; Metallica reigns supreme

Zach Bryan plans a North American tour that starts in March 2024 with some powerful opening acts in support of his “Zach Bryan” album, now on sale.

'Killers of the Flower Moon' star Lily Gladstone says the film is 'not a white-savior story'

The Martin Scorsese-directed movie initially centered on an FBI agent investigating the violent crimes committed against the Osage and ignored by local law enforcement. The project shifted to a focus on the Native American community torn apart by the homicides.

Liner Notes: Oliver Anthony scores a surprise No. 1 with ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’

Out of left field came a song embraced by the political right on its way to the top of the charts.

Disney Lorcana aims to shake up the trading card game space

Many consider Disney Lorcana to be the most anticipated collectible card game to arrive in years, one that already seems poised to take its place alongside Magic and The Pokémon Trading Card Game as a pillar of the medium.

Why ‘Suits,’ ‘Ugly Betty’ and other comfort food shows are having a moment on streaming

Amid the typical doldrums of the summer TV season, worsened by the Hollywood writers and actors strikes that have shut down the bulk of production on scripted shows and films, consumers are turning to old hits from basic cable and broadcast television to satisfy their entertainment needs.

Liner Notes: The Hives sound like they never left on furiously fun ‘Death of Randy Fitzsimmons’

This 12-song shot of adrenaline more than makes up for time lost.

Rhiannon is still ‘The One’

“You’re the One,” out Friday, is the most broadly inviting work of Giddens’ career, a potent stew of folk, country, rock, soul and Cajun. The musician and scholar speaks to the Associated Press about her career and the saucy side she shows on the new album.

Thank you for everything, hip-hop

Fifty years is a big deal. You could never give rap music enough flowers.

Animal actors are on strike, too

Actors’ and writers’ concerns about paying their bills during the summer’s dual Hollywood strikes are shared by the industry’s animal trainers and handlers, who face an additional burden: Their animals have to eat, go to the vet and be bathed and groomed, too. On their ranches — some of which have hundreds of thespian animals — they still need to pay for utilities, caretakers and permits.

Teamwork, collaboration ... and dinos

Exoprimal pits dinosaurs vs. mech suits and somehow works

Liner Notes: Styles wraps historic tour as McGraw announces 2024 run

According Pollstar, the tour finished as the fourth highest grossing tour of all time, taking in about $600 million.

Gaffigan is more than just the ‘Hot Pocket’ guy

Ten specials into his decadeslong career, comedian and actor committed to developing new, unexpected material

New Hello Kitty title brings Animal Crossing vibes to Apple Arcade

Hello Kitty Island Adventure allows players to create an animal avatar and roam around several different biomes. Advancement in the game comes from leveling up friendships with in-game characters.