When Hollywood needs a movie villain, the tech bro answers

In recent years, the tech bro has proliferated on movie screens as Hollywood’s go-to bad guy. It’s a rise that has mirrored mounting fears over technology’s expanding reach into our lives and the increasing skepticism for the not always altruistic motives of the men who control today’s digital empires.

Cruise’s new film would give Navy another Hollywood showcase

Fresh off the success of last summer’s blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick,” Tom Cruise appears to be working with the Navy again for an upcoming flick.

Fire Emblem Engage is a polished adventure that misses one key element

The latest chapter in the epic fantasy series is more of a polishing of previous ideas rather than a groundbreaking entry to the series. It’s an effort that’s almost like a band’s “best of” album.

Outsmarting humans just one step for AI video game players

A new branch of research is more focused on teaching advanced computers to perform open-ended tasks in complex worlds and interact with humans, not just for the purpose of beating them.

‘Survivor’s Probst finds his tribe

Once-restless host Probst a constant for reality competition series ‘Survivor,’ which starts its 44th season this week

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land comes to Switch

The deluxe version of this Kirby game first on Wii features better visuals, new powers and minigames and an epilogue campaign.

‘Cocaine Bear’ is here to strike a blow to staid Hollywood

At a time when much of what makes it to the big screen can feel pre-packaged, the makers of “Cocaine Bear” think it can be an untamed exception

Dead Space legacy lives on in clever remake and in The Callisto Protocol

Both Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol owe a huge debt to the 2008 Dead Space original, which sets the mood and style of both new projects.

Hope, robots and Billy Crudup power Apple TV+ show 'Hello Tomorrow!'

‘Hello Tomorrow!’ explores the American fantasy that there’s something better on the horizon.

Today’s R&B more than $%#*!? words

Why is R&B music more explicit than ever? It's complicated.

Mystery, battles in Japan’s past

Like a Dragon: Ishin! adopts yet another storytelling approach.

‘Picard’: Changing world, same ‘Star Trek’ values 

As the final season of Paramount+’s ‘Picard’ approaches, Patrick Stewart reflects on his time playing the captain in the multiseries saga 

Forspoken surprises and delights, but it takes a while

Forspoken is a by-the-numbers open-world game. But if players stick with it, a lot of things happen deeper into gameplay that make the title, and the journey, a bit more special.

‘SchoolHouse Rock!: A show with a lasting cultural impact

The series of Saturday morning cartoon shorts, which premiered 50 years ago and taught kids about math, science, civics and grammar among other topics, shaped a generation and are still beloved by many

Ingenious storytelling sets One Piece Odyssey apart from past games

One Piece Odyssey, a Japanese role-playing game developed by ILCA, pays homage to some of the best chapters in the series.

‘Sometimes When We Touch’ documentary puts spotlight on soft rock 

Paramount+ documentary looks at rise of subgenre in ’70s and ’80s, its collapse during MTV era, recent comeback

How The Last of Us changed gaming, strained relationships and spawned an empire

The Last of Us always felt like a mission statement, a game that wanted to prove that big-budget action shooters could not only have a sense of gravitas but could advance the medium in narrative, gameplay and representation. The Last of Us raised moral quandaries about choice, or the lack thereof, in interactive entertainment, questioned masculinity in games and ultimately proved to the industry that a teenage girl could be a protagonist in a genre overrun with tired machismo.

Edgar Allan Poe had a promising military career. Then he blew it up.

What if Edgar Allan Poe had remained at West Point in 1831? Would the “Master of Macabre” be remembered today as a great military leader, perhaps a top officer in the Civil War?

How does a 63-year-old play a teen in Broadway musical “Kimberly Akimbo?” In Victoria Clark’s case, superbly

The Tony Award-winning actress uses her youthful spirit and trys “to remember as much as possible what my body felt like” to play a 15-year-old with an illness that ages her four times as fast as normal, in the musical, adapted from David Lindsay-Abaire’s play.