Can Cameron and ‘Avatar’ wow again?

Don’t doubt Cameron, who has a history of making movies that, like the 1st ‘Avatar,’ exceeded expectations at both the box office and awards shows.

Gather your herd: Goat Simulator 3 allows friends to wreak havoc on the game’s surroundings together

Goat Simulator 3 seems to take itself a lot more seriously than its predecessor. That's not to say that the unrestrained, slapstick humor of the original has vanished. The main difference is that Goat Simulator 3 no longer revels in that one-note joke alone, with the sequel proving to be a much more polished experience.

Exposure to white supremacist ideologies in online games surged in 2022

White-supremacist ideas gained significant exposure through online video games this year, particularly among adults, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League.

Brendan Fraser is back. But to him, ‘I've just never been that far away’

Fraser, the ‘90s star of “The Mummy” and “George of the Jungle,” discusses his role in his new film, ‘The Whale’ and how it gave him an ‘opportunity to reintroduce myself to an industry who I do not believe forgot me as is being perpetrated.’

Harry Connick Jr. jazzes up the holidays with a tour and ‘Make It Merry’ album

The holiday tour will support Harry Connick Jr.’s fourth Christmas album, which is now streaming exclusively on Apple Music and features classic hits, 2 new songs as well as newly recorded versions of other original songs.

'The Flatshare' stars did their own stunts: writing Post-its

“The Flatshare” revolves around two strangers who live in the same apartment — one at night and the other in the day. They communicate through the sticky notes. Which the actors got to write themselves.

Console Wars: A Pokemon Violet Review

With decades of Pokémon experience, I was prepared to once again catch them all, but since I wanted to write a timely review. I decided to catch some, level up a few, and beat the storyline quickly.

Documentary offers intimate look at collapse of the Afghan army

‘Retrograde’ focuses on the departure of U.S. troops in 2021, and the resulting hopelessness and despair of the Afghan soldiers who remain to face the Taliban on their own.

Persona 5 Royal is video game perfection

This wild and crazy role-playing game is an ultra-intense JRPG that blends a gutsy, captivating story with characters who jump to life and feel distinct and stunning anime-level visuals.

How Lainey Wilson became one of country music’s brightest new stars

Singer-songwriter Lainey Wilson’s success is reflective of a change in Nashville, which after years of largely neglecting female artists is starting to make more room for women.

Leveling up Modern Warfare 2 guns? We've got 6 tips to boost XP

There are 49 guns to unlock across 18 platforms in Modern Warfare 2. You can use these to help you level up quickly and strategically.

For this ‘Black Panther 2’ star, representation is resistance

Tenoch Huerta, who plays Marvel’s first Indigenous, Mesoamerican superhero in ‘Wakanda Forever,’ says he hopes the film can foster understanding and respect for Indigenous communities and help people, especially Latin Americans, to feel proud of who they are.

3 Nintendo Switch games to watch for this holiday season

Plenty of Nintendo Switch games are heading to market in time for the holidays, but here are three particularly interesting ones to consider.

‘Blockbuster’ a workplace comedy about people connecting

Ten-episode Netflix comedy revolves around the employees of the sole surviving Blockbuster video store: their relationships with each other and with their customers.

A Grunt’s review of Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 2

As a civilian with no combat experience, to write about a first-person shooter to a military audience is nothing short of hubris.

How 'Till' reframes the enduring story of a brutal American murder

"Till," a new film by director Chinonye Chukwu, looks back at what is inarguably the most impactful telling of what happened to Emmett: his own mother's.

New Tales from the Borderland Review

Telltale is dead, long live 2K!

A beautifully grotesque experience

Scorn is a visually, conceptually fascinating horror game that doesn't quite congeal.

Rock steady

Dwayne Johnson seeks to anchor the DC universe as the superhero ‘Black Adam’