A blast from pro hoops’ past
The painstakingly well-crafted NBA 2K23 is the finest sports game ever made.
Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope makes the right improvements
Sparks of Hope improves on Kingdom Battle’s combat system and its level design 
Musician Jack Johnson on music, longevity and beer bottle-blowing
Hawaiian native Jack Johnson is just happy to be able to tour and share his soothing, islands-flavored folk and soft-rock songs with the world in person.
Odyssey Interactive’s addictive concoction
Omega Strikers is a mishmash of genres that somehow works.
How Diego Luna brought his 'Star Wars' character back to life in 'Andor'
Diego Luna thought his “Star Wars” character was done after “Rogue One,” but he returns Wednesday in “Andor” on Disney+.
‘The Woman King’ is Viola Davis’ ultimate flex
Oscar winner Davis tapped into her “warrior spirit” for her role in “The Woman King” - and calls the role the most transformational of her career.
‘Barbarian’ brings bonkers horror back with an Airbnb nightmare
What’s a girl to do with a double-booking dilemma, an inviting stranger and nowhere else to go? Will fate swing this arguably alarming meet-cute into classic rom-com territory? Now in theaters, “Barbarian” is a raucous descent with multiple surprises best left unspoiled — but they do involve a creepy basement and monstrous secrets deep beneath the surface.
Live A Live revives a lost classic to US fans
Live A Live covers eight historical eras, and era has its own distinct playstyle and story.
Something for everyone, and then some
Sheer volume of options crowd Madden 23, cluttering an otherwise improved game
Pastoral performance
Brown says his character in ‘Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.’ is inspired by his own churchgoing experiences, Youtube videos
Saints Row is good, mindless fun. It's also barely playable.
Saints Row is delightfully wacky and irreverent, and the characters have some surprisingly poignant moments in between all the crazy high jinks. Unfortunately, Saints Row is also one of the most badly optimized and buggiest games so far this year.
HBO's first 'Game of Thrones' spinoff recaptures the power, grandeur of the original
With the arrival of the first episode, "The Heirs of the Dragon," the hope that the new series "House of the Dragon" might recapture some of the power and grandeur of its predecessor no longer seems so fanciful.
From Oregon Trail to Uncharted, video games make history fun
Video game designers and players have long been fascinated and inspired by historical narratives and figures. They also have become a way for gamers to engage with important questions about public history and a shared past — albeit, one created for the game itself.
Rock mag Creem attempts comeback after more than 30 years
Founded in Detroit, Creem was the impish, slightly rude younger brother of Rolling Stone. Its return is a remarkable story of persistence. It will reappear during far different times, with a marketing plan that the late writer Lester Bangs or makers of the fake “Boy Howdy” beer could hardly conceive of.
James Morosini was catfished by his father. He turned it into a film.
What do you do when life hands you a mind-bendingly humiliating and emotional trauma involving yourself, your father and the internet? You make a movie about it, as is the case with "I Love My Dad."
As Spider-Man turns 60, fans reflect on diverse appeal
Because of the mask, Spider-Man has been a safer choice for cosplayers hoping to avoid the staunch purists, or those who criticize others for deviating from canonized representations of superheroes.
This video game controller isn't plastic. It's your face.
Enabled Play, a new piece of assistive tech, translates users' head movements, facial expressions, real-time speech and other nontraditional input methods into mouse clicks, keystrokes and thumbstick movements.
Stray, a game in which you explore a sci-fi dystopia as a cute cat, is a meow-sterpiece
The developers took great pains to authentically capture all the cuteness and chaos of cats in its gameplay.