New Outriders expansion Worldslayer gives fans reasons to return to Enoch
Game development company People Can Fly has refined the Outriders campaign and made fixes to its end game, and naturally, that work has dovetailed into the franchise’s first expansion — Worldslayer.
The Kids in the Hall return with new documentary, sketches and grown-up attitude
A new documentary coming to Amazon Prime seeks to show appreciation for the irreverent Canadian comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall.
Sam Raimi on 'Doctor Strange' and his superhero return
The latest “Doctor Strange” is an identifiably Sam Raimi film, full of playful horror, clever comic touches and bonkers flashes. He brings some madness to the multiverse.
Dolly Parton, Eminem, Richie get into Rock Hall of Fame
Rock Hall announced its class of 2022, many being selected their first time on the ballot.
Nintendo Switch Sports reminds us of the fun in motion controls
That feeling of movement and responsive action can’t be conveyed over a streamed internet connection.
MLB The Show 22: a familiar pastime
Best baseball simulation in video game form is one every fan should own, but only once.
A Viking epic to conquer them all in 'The Northman’
Alexander Skarsgård is living his dream as Amleth, an exiles prince who returns home to save his mother and avenge his father’s death after witnessing his murder at the hands of his uncle.
The Skywalker Saga is a fun Lego set with unnecessary extra pieces
The Skywalker Saga has a lot of heart and may be the best iteration of the Lego series. It’s just hard for me to say I had a wonderful time with a game that easily could have been a bit smaller in scope and just as fun.
A hit country song about a cheating man is uniting fans who've been there
A ballad about two women in love with the same man by country stars Carly Pearce and Ashley McBryde is striking a chord with listeners. It’s also up for video of the year at the CMT Music Awards.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land is more of the same in the best way
Kirby and the Forgotten Land undeniably pushes the series to a new scale, but at its core, it's more of the same. That's not a complaint, though. If anything, it shows that the Kirby team knows its audience, as the franchise's predictable formula is part of its appeal.
John Travolta in England for film about pilot flying to RAF Lakenheath
John Travolta is in England making a film about a pilot trying to reach RAF Lakenheath, which along with other nearby bases is home to thousands of U.S. Air Force personnel.
Batiste, joyful performances highlight Grammy Awards
The music industry celebrated after two years of COVID crippling the concert industry, and offered a clear contrast to the bad vibes still lingering a week after the Oscars.
Richard Linklater on time, nostalgia & 'Apollo 10 1/2'
Time flows through director Richard Linklater’s films. In “Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood,” NASA and the moon mission are just next door. But the sense of wonder that permeates the animated film is felt just as strongly in the neighborhood streets where kids roam with skinned knees.
Video games: Too much of a good thing?
Modern titles keep getting longer. Is the length of a video game a selling point, or a problem?
Finding humor in Ukraine war? It's (always) the Onion's way
A month after Russia invaded Ukraine, the comedy website has been willing to Go There, to look for humor in the most searing of stories even as it unfolds. Too soon? Too bad.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: In need of an endgame
After 300 hours of play, reporter has had more than enough of endless open-world possibilities
What deserves to win at the 2022 Oscars
How one LA Times movie critic would cast his ballot in 11 key Academy Awards races