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'Jungle Cruise' invites you to turn off your mind, relax and float downstream
“Jungle Cruise" sticks to its theme park ride origins offering a relaxing, pun-filled journey that is a pleasant distraction for the whole family.
A love letter to cozy games, the gentle game movement we need right now
While independent games long ago helped popularize the idea of concocting digital worlds built primarily for exploration, a so-called “wholesome games” movement has created a makeshift genre that’s brought more visibility to games in which the joy is uncovering a universe rather than obliterating it, often with ideas on how to be better custodians of our current one.
LeVar Burton: 'Jeopardy!' host gig began 'scary,' ended fun
Trying to step into the shoes of Alex Trebek, LeVar Burton found out he could have more fun by letting go and being himself.
On a quiet weekend, ‘Old’ tops box office, ‘Snake Eyes’ sinks
“Old" wins on a slow weekend at the box office.
Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a richer Pokémon experience that's almost as cute
Monster Hunter Stories 2 is all about hunting ferocious monsters, many of whom are ugly as sin. But the Stories spin off tales that deepen the game’s lore while maintaining its famously playful charm.
'Space Jam: A New Legacy,' a feature-length ad for Warner Bros., rises just above mediocrity
It’s best not to question the shaky premise of “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” too much. The film can’t even make up its mind about whether the first “Space Jam,” which starred Michael Jordan, existed.
Reimagining the ‘scream teen’ genre for a binge generation
The three-part “Fear Street” movie series on Netflix is also kicking off a new strategy for the streamer: Reviving the “scream teen” genre.
'Sharknado' is back in a Shark Week special that wants to prove sharks aren't 'crazed lunatic man-killers'
A new Shark Week special takes a closer look at the science — or lack thereof — behind the Syfy “Sharknado" movies.
Sumire: Simplicity can be deceiving
Sumire is undoubtedly a kid-friendly game, but it is not childish. The feelings it touches on suggest the sort of wisdom an adult might look to pass on to a child to prepare her for a world that is beautiful as well as disappointing.