Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is more than just retro-cool
Rather than try to reboot the series like more recent film and television offerings, the studios instead took influences not only from decades-old Nintendo games but long discontinued '80s and '90s toys, wanting the game to have the charming, family-friendly appeal of spending time in a digital playset.
Pratt picks military veterans for 'The Terminal List'
Chris Pratt portrays a Navy SEAL in his new Amazon series “ The Terminal List, ” and is surrounded on camera and behind-the-scenes by former members of the U.S. military.
Austin Butler feels the temperature rising in ‘Elvis’
Butler channeled the King of Rock and captured his spirit during the filming of “Elvis.”
USO puts ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ stars on global chat with US military members and families
Actors Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen answer questions, offer gratitude during USO virtual chat.
The Quarry is a standout slasher that takes just a few wrong turns
The Quarry, which Supermassive Games bills as the spiritual successor to Until Dawn, is a commendable effort to tap into that same winning formula. It nails the aesthetic and writing of classic slasher films, and its characters are some of the studio's most compelling and memorable yet. But it's not without its problems.
Chris Hemsworth finds a rich groove
Chris Hemsworth takes the charismatic leading man to a dark place in ‘Spiderhead,’ now streaming on Netflix.
Session legend, defense consultant ‘Skunk’ Baxter goes solo
The founding member of Steely Dan and former Doobie Brother will release his first solo album, ‘Speed of Heat,’ on June 17.
Sniper Elite 5 slightly off the mark, but satisfying
Shooter expands its World War II-set formula, but could use more polish
Jeff Goldblum takes another crack at ‘Jurassic World’
For almost three decades, off and on, Jeff Goldblum has played Dr. Ian Malcolm with particular Goldblumian panache. As the stylish chaos theorist of the “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” films, Goldblum is the voice of reason and comedy relief in one.
How ‘The G Word’ blew Adam Conover’s mind
An “investigative comedian” peels back the bureaucracy to find the good in the government for a Netflix series.
The best couch co-op games to play with friends
Your best bet at finding your next favorite couch co-op game is to know what you want from it. Here are some of the best cooperative titles for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising a satisfying but limited taste of what’s to come
For years, Suikoden fans have been clamoring for creator Yoshitaka Murayama to make another project along those lines, and they’re finally getting it with the Eiyuden Chronicle franchise. The first game out of the gate is Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, which is essentially an appetizer to the main game Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.
Pitched battle for soccer gaming supremacy
FIFA and EA Sports go head to head in soccer's new video game rivalry
New Outriders expansion Worldslayer gives fans reasons to return to Enoch
Game development company People Can Fly has refined the Outriders campaign and made fixes to its end game, and naturally, that work has dovetailed into the franchise’s first expansion — Worldslayer.
The Kids in the Hall return with new documentary, sketches and grown-up attitude
A new documentary coming to Amazon Prime seeks to show appreciation for the irreverent Canadian comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall.
Sam Raimi on 'Doctor Strange' and his superhero return
The latest “Doctor Strange” is an identifiably Sam Raimi film, full of playful horror, clever comic touches and bonkers flashes. He brings some madness to the multiverse.
Dolly Parton, Eminem, Richie get into Rock Hall of Fame
Rock Hall announced its class of 2022, many being selected their first time on the ballot.
Nintendo Switch Sports reminds us of the fun in motion controls
That feeling of movement and responsive action can’t be conveyed over a streamed internet connection.