Pruneto in Naples serves classic Italian food in an elegant setting

A group of patrons watch the server make final meal preparations at Pruneto 1944 in the Posillipo neighborhood in Naples, Italy.


By SCOTT WYLAND | STARS AND STRIPES Published: November 9, 2017

Pruneto 1944 serves both fine seafood and pizza, making it distinctly Italian.

It faces a cobblestone street on a hill overlooking the Bay of Naples, where the isles of Ischia and Capri can be seen in the distance.

The atmosphere is elegant but casual. The tables have white linen and wine glasses, and the waiter wears a black jacket and a tie. But you would feel comfortable there in jeans and a T-shirt.

Cooks in the back can be heard preparing the seafood while a man in the front quietly bakes pizza in a wood-fire oven. An array of wines are displayed on two shelves high on the wall.

It’s a multi-course menu, which is common in Italy.

Appetizers include sauteed clams, ham and mozzarella, smoked tuna and swordfish, and peppered mussels. They range in price from four euros ($4.60) to 14 euros ($16.20).

I ordered the peppered mussels for eight euros ($9.20) and received a hefty heap. They were tender and flavorful and the shells were easy to peel off.

The first course is mostly spaghettis, pastas and rice dishes with seafood, such as fish, lobster, clams and shrimp. Prices run from 10 to 20 euros.

The main seafood course jumps in price. The fresh catch I ordered would have been 40 euros if I had gotten the full 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds), but the waiter let me have a half portion for half the price.

The waiter de-boned the fish at my table while I watched. He plucked out the bones delicately to keep the tender soles intact and then buttered them. He spoke English well and let me practice my rough Italian.

You can choose from a dozen types of pizza. Most cost 7-9 euros. For those not in the mood for seafood or pizza, there’s a small selection of beef, ham and sausage as well as a few salads.

I plan to eat at Pruneto 1944 again and try the pizza. It will be fun to see the waiter’s reaction when he learns I’m a resident, not a tourist. Few Americans eat here, which is too bad.




Address: Discesa Coroglio 102, Naples, Italy 80123

Parking: Streetside only.

Hours: 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily

Phone: (+39) 081 1867 6967

Website: www.pruneto.com. Reservations can be made online.

Tender fish fillets served as the second course. A server de-bones and slices up the fresh catch of the day at your table as you watch at the Pruneto 1944 restaurant

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