On the Move

Know the European road rules

Navigating Europe's roads can be either an exhilarating experience or harrowing escape, based on where or when you choose to travel. One thing is certain: No matter what country you drive through or how far you go, you must understand the rules of the road to be a successful and safe European traveler.

Pumping you up on fuel rules

Living in Europe means you’ll have a few extra steps to take when refueling your vehicle. Knowing the rules regarding tax-free fuel and rations will ensure that you continue to purchase discounted fuel at the current tax-free price arranged between the U.S. government and your host country.

The Skinny on VAT

The European Union has a consumption tax called Value Added Tax similar to U.S. sales tax. The average VAT is 20 percent and is automatically included in the merchandise or service price, not added at the register. However, members of the U.S. military and Department of Defense civilians in Europe are granted exemption or relief from paying the VAT on many personal purchases in most European countries.

Being responsible pet parents in Europe

For many of us, a stressful aspect of moving to Europe is the transportation of our four-legged family members. I worried the entire 11-hour flight to Germany about my dog and cat, but they were both eagerly awaiting us at baggage claim, no worse for the wear. After a thorough examination of our pets’ records by customs, we started the journey to our new home.

House-hunting in Europe

Finding EUR New Home

You finally made it. And, you’re exhausted. Instead of being excited about your first day in Europe, all you can think about is locating a hot shower, a little food and a bed for 15 hours of sleep. Adjusting to the move and time change is going to take a few days. Adjusting to life in Europe and locating a home may take a little longer. Before you lie down for that nap of champions, take a quick look at these tips to help guide you in your search.

Living Like a Local

Getting the chance to live in Europe is something many people only dream of. But once you are here and begin to settle into a routine, you will quickly notice there are many differences from life in America. Adjusting to these differences and learning to live like a local will improve your European experience and help you feel at home.