Military history

Volunteers continue to clean and polish the USS Arizona Memorial in preparation for the as-yet announced reopening of one of the state’s most visited tourist attractions.

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This New Jersey town has a sister in Italy, thanks to WWII hero John Basilone

Raritan Borough is about 4,325 miles away from Italy but a common connection — a World War II hero named John Basilone — now ties the New Jersey town and a small Italian community even closer together.

Servicemembers mark 75th anniversary of often-overlooked WWII invasion of southern France

Operation Dragoon was planned to happen simultaneously with the Normandy invasion, but a shortage of resources — mainly ships — led to the operation being launched Aug. 15, 1944.


Nixon struggles to achieve ‘peace with honor’ and end unpopular Vietnam War

Vietnam had been Lyndon Johnson’s war, and it destroyed his presidency. Richard Nixon entered the White House on Jan. 20, 1969, anxious to avoid Johnson’s fate.

A weary company fights on with rifles, grenades, guts

The valley bottom is dried terraces, each terrace three of four feet higher or lower than the one next to it. Around each of these tiny fields are thick hedgerows. And in the middle of the hedgerows are ditches and bunkers — ditches and bunkers that you just know Charlie is in.

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