Military history

Thousands of people working at the former Pease Air Force Base, along with children and infants who attended two day cares there, were exposed to multiple PFAS chemicals from contaminated water in the city-owned Haven well until its closure in 2014.

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How a surprise snowstorm almost spoiled Kennedy's inauguration 60 years ago

Since presidential inaugurations moved from March to January in 1937, none have stirred up as much weather drama as John F. Kennedy's in 1961, when a surprise snowstorm the day before brought Washington to a standstill.

The Marine Band has played at every inauguration since Jefferson, and the tradition will carry on this year

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Information is sought on West Virginia WWII soldier killed while helping to free Belgium

More than 76 years ago, a Mercer County, W. Va., man made the ultimate sacrifice for his country when a major military operation dropped thousands of Allied paratroopers behind enemy lines in war-torn Europe.

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