Military history

Chet Furtek is now 93. And the story of his rescue after the sinking of the USS Corry, which he described as a miracle, has not been forgotten.

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Korean War casualty David Feriend is laid to rest, decades after Chosin Reservoir battle

Twenty-one shots from an honor guard. The haunting sound of a bugler playing Taps. Then, total silence as two more Michigan Army National Guard honor guard members folded the flag draped over U.S. Army Sgt. David Feriend’s casket.

Only warriors receive Purple Heart medals, but anyone can join the Purple Heart Trail

When you're traveling in either direction along Interstate 95 in Virginia, you will likely pass more than one sign featuring a silhouette of George Washington's head framed by a golden heart. Some have a green background, others are white. And each announces that you're on a "Purple Heart Trail."

Defense bill includes national park designation for White Sands National Monument

Amendments to change White Sands National Monument's designation are included in both the House and Senate versions of the National Defense Authorization Act.

The five black men who raided Harpers Ferry with John Brown have been forgotten

For far too long, the five African Americans have been overlooked, overshadowed by their martyred commander, treated as footnotes, if at all, in the John Brown saga.

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