Military history

The Congressional Gold Medal was to be awarded collectively to the Chinese veterans — approximately 90% of whom are now deceased — in an April 29 ceremony in the U.S. Capitol before the pandemic caused its postponement.

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This 96-year-old ex-POW learned a lesson for Memorial Day

At 22, huddling close to fellow soldiers for warmth saved Bernard Mayrsohn’s life. At 96, keeping away from people is doing the same.

Old 1918 pandemic is a murky guide for sports

Decades before tailgates, prime-time kickoffs and billions in program-supporting TV money, the ethos of the die-hard college football fan was not much different than today: Risks be damned, we're going to the game. And once fans are allowed back in stadiums, history has shown that football could come back strong.

20 years after withdrawal, Israel, Hezbollah brace for war

Twenty years after Hezbollah guerrillas pushed Israel’s last troops from southern Lebanon, both sides are gearing up for a possible war that neither seems to want.

Congresswoman, civil rights groups join call to remove swastikas from veterans cemeteries

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said headstones of German POWs should be removed because their swastika symbols are “a stain on the hallowed ground where so many veterans and their families are laid to rest.”

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