Military history

The SS John W. Brown, which has been docked in Baltimore for decades, was part of a frenzied American shipbuilding effort that dispatched thousands of the vessels carrying supplies then troops to Europe and Asia during World War II.

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Remembering Omar Bradley: Missouri childhood shaped the 'GI's General'

This year marks the 75th anniversary of several major events in World War II, and perhaps the most noteworthy events in the military career of a Missouri county's most famous veteran, Gen. Omar Bradley.

WWII 'peace flag' is returned to Japanese soldier's loved ones

“As we look back 75 years, across America and around the world many, many veterans and their families discover that they are in possession of personal items ... and they want to give them back to the family in Japan,” said Rex Ziak, co-founder of OBON Society.

A WWII submarine went missing for 75 years. High-tech undersea drones solved the mystery.

The USS Grayback, one of World War II's most effective submarines, was found in the ocean off Okinawa, Japan, more than 1,400 feet below the surface.

He saw a Marshall Islands nuclear bomb test up close. It’s haunted him since 1952

On Nov. 1, 1952, after watching an island get vaporized by the world's first hydrogen bomb, Alan Jones and the crew on the research vessel Horizon were doused in a shower of radioactive fallout.

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