Military history

Nearly a century after a brutal race massacre left as many as 300 black people dead, this city began to dig Monday for suspected mass graves from the violence.

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In tense times, Md. town considers how to handle problematic historical exhibits

The Fourth of July holds a special place in local resident Jim Picard's heart for two reasons. He spent 26 years in the Air Force living overseas, stationed in Sicily and England. And Independence Day is his birthday.

France returns remains of Algerian anti-colonial fighters

After decades in a French museum, the skulls of 24 Algerians decapitated for resisting French colonial forces were formally repatriated to Algeria on Friday in an elaborate ceremony led by the teary-eyed Algerian president.

Barcelona mayor wants Columbus statue debate

Christopher Columbus has been decapitated, defaced, or quietly removed for his own good from pedestals across the United States in the wake of the protests for racial justice sweeping the country. In Spain, however, he is still safe atop his many perches.

House committee moves to ban all Confederate flag displays on military bases

A House committee on Wednesday approved a measure in the annual defense funding bill that would ban the display of Confederate flags on all Defense Department property.

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