Military history

In 1943, the Memphis Belle flew into Dayton during a war bond tour of 30 cities. The tour, a way to raise money and boost morale, was dubbed the "26th mission."

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The lost tale of a nuclear scientist's death in a secret San Francisco hospital room

William Curtis Twitchell's brain tumor presented a particular problem for the Atomic Energy Commission: It had the potential to cause erratic behavior and uncontrolled verbal outbursts. As he lost control of his mental faculties, would Twitchell begin spilling nuclear secrets?

Camp Bonneville cleanup project is nearly done, after many years

A hazardous waste and explosives cleanup project of "one to two" years at Camp Bonneville, a 3,840-acre property in Washington state where troops trained from 1909 to 1995, is nearing completion — nearly two decades later.

China, and Xi, commemorate the Korean War as a victory over America

Time and again this week, Chinese leaders pointed to that moment as a juncture when China turned from a victim of bullying by Japan and the West to a respected power under Communist leadership.

The Navy’s E-2 Hawkeye: A 60-year-old concept and an evolving mission

The Bluetails, from commander to newest sailor, start their days the traditional way: a “FOD walkout," picking up any foreign objects or debris in the flight line.

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