Europe Traveler's event picks for Sept. 20-22

A pumpkin regatta is the main attraction this weekend only in Ludwigsburg, Germany, but the pumpkin-based treats and expertly carved gourds will also be on hand through Nov. 3.


By KAREN BRADBURY | Stars and Stripes | Published: September 16, 2019

Rupertikirtag/ St. Rupert’s Fair

Location: Salzburg, Austria
Dates: Sept. 20-24
This traditional fair set in the Old Town recalls the traditions of days gone by and includes a market at which craftsmen sell their wares, along with stalls selling food and drink. A decorated tent with an Oktoberfest vibe is the place to enjoy a locally brewed beer or two and show off one’s dirndl and Lederhosen.
Admission: Free


Car Free Day and Champetre

Location: Royal Park and Place des Palais, Brussels, Belgium
Date: Sept. 22
On a day when Brussels' normally busy roads are closed to motorized traffic, a good destination is this park, where a laid-back festival celebrates rural traditions and a low-impact lifestyle that's both healthy and good for the environment.
Admission: Free


Wine Festival at Grebovka

Location: Havlicek Gardens, Grebovka, Prague 2, Czech Republic
Date: Sept. 21
A pretty park outside the city center is the site of a restored vineyard in which traditional types of grapes are once again being cultivated. Against this pleasing backdrop, visitors can purchase wines, food, coffee, desserts and souvenirs from the some 80 stands set up there. Music and culture round out the day's program.
Admission: Free


Open House London

Location: London, England
Dates: Sept. 21-22
Open House London, billed as the world’s largest architecture festival, offers the public access to more than 800 architecturally interesting buildings, many of which remain off-limits the remainder of the year. The program includes talks, guided tours and other activities. Advance booking to visit the most in-demand properties is essential.
Admission: Free; donations help defray organizational costs.


Weinwanderweg Fest / Wine Hiking Trail Fest

Location: Between Bad Sobernheim and Weiler, Germany
Date: Sept. 21 (11 a.m.-6 p.m.)
Along an eight-mile stretch of trail with sweeping views to the Nahe Valley, hikers can sample locally produced wines and regional specialties at 13 stands set up along the route. A shuttle bus links the start and end points of the walk, and the towns along the route are served by regional trains.
Admission: Free; a ride on the shuttle bus costs 2 euros.


Kuerbisregatta / Pumpkin Regatta

Location: Ludwigsburg Castle Grounds, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Dates: Sept. 21-22 (from 1 p.m.)
The pretty Bluehendes Barock is the site of a vast pumpkin exhibition through Nov. 3, and on this weekend, it has the added attraction of a regatta in which racers in hollowed-out pumpkins attempt to be the fastest across the pond. Snacking on pumpkin-based treats is another tasty way to spend one’s time here.
Admission: 9 euros adults, 4.50 euros for ages 4-15 and free for those three and under.


Fruitcorso / Fruit Parade

Location: Tiel, Netherlands
Dates: Sept. 21 (1:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.)
While flower parades in Holland are nothing new, this one is unique in that fruit and vegetables from the autumn harvest form the backbone of the decor on the 18 participating floats. This year’s edition offers a night parade as well.
Admission: Day tickets cost 7.50 euros for adults; ages 12 and under enter free.


Las Fiestas de Cartagineses y Romanos/ Carthaginians and Romans Festival

Location: Cartagena, Spain
Dates: Sept. 20-29
In 209 B.C., the seafaring Carthaginians were conquered by the Romans, a historical event brought back to life through re-enactments of the destruction of Sagunto, the wedding celebrations of Hannibal and Himlice, Hannibal’s march on Rome, a maritime battle, military victory parade and other activities.
Admission: Free