Europe Traveler's event picks for July 19-21

By KAREN BRADBURY | Stars and Stripes | Published: July 16, 2019


Location: Linz, Austria
Dates: July 18-20
Actors, musicians, dancers and other artists perform in some 40 venues around town. Things to see include dance performances, street theater, samba parades and light installations.  Bars in the city center host “Nightline,” an after-hours music program.
Admission: most performances are free, but as this is a busker’s festival, the artists depend upon the money thrown into their hats.


Ciney Puces & Antiquites / Ciney Antiques Market

Location: Ciney Expo, Rue du Marché Couvert, 3, 5590 Ciney, Belgium
Dates: July 19-21
A wide assortment of furniture, jewellery, watches, silverware, religious  and folk art, paintings, glass and other objects attracts collectors from well beyond the Belgian border. Many treasure hunters find the biggest thrill comes at 2 p.m. on opening day July 19, when the trucks in the parking lot are allowed to unfurl their tarps and the selling begins.
Admission: adults pay 10 euros on July 19 and 8 euros July 20-21. Ages 13 and under enter free.


Folklore Days

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Dates: July 18-21
Amateur folk dance ensembles and folk choirs, marching groups, carnival clubs, flag wavers and other performers showcase their talents. This year’s artists hail from around Europe, China and Israel. Performances take place in front of the Rudolfinum Concert Hall and Ovocny Trh. At 10 a.m. July 20, participating groups set off in a parade from the Old Town Square.
Admission: Free


The War and Peace Revival

Location: The Hop Farm, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6PY, England
Dates: July 23-2
This event features a display of military vehicles, a collector’s fair, battle re-enactments and on-stage entertainment reflecting eras past. The Home Front area shows how civilians coped with the hardships of World War II.
Admission: Online tickets cost 18 pounds for adults; accompanying children under the age of 16 enter for free, but need their own tickets.



Location: Seebach, France
Date: July 20-21
This reconstruction of a peasant wedding as it would have been celebrated in the mid-19th century plays out against the backdrop of an Alsatian village of half-timbered houses. On the evening of July 20, tableaux depict rural life throughout the seasons of the year. Festivities on July 21 include scenes of village life and two parades celebrating the wedding.
Admission: Adult entry costs 5 euros, those under 16 enter free. 



Location: Chinese Tower, English Garden, Munich, Germany
Date: July 21
This traditional gathering harks back to the days when servants to the rich households seldom had time off, so they would put their few free hours while their masters were at church to use socializing. From 6 a.m.-10 a.m. this day, a band plays ball music of the past century, and the public waltzes along. Many visitors show up in traditional costume. In the event of bad weather, the event is canceled.
Admission: Free



Location: Ulm, Germany
Date: July 22
In keeping with a tradition dating back to 1397, on the second-to-last Monday of July each year, the mayor of Ulm appears on the balcony of the Schwoerhaus (Oath House) and swears an oath to uphold the town constitution. At approximately 4 p.m., all ages head to the Danube River and take to the water in boats of every description, creating a high-spirited, carnival-like atmosphere as they float down the river. Live music in the Friedrichsau Park follows.
Admission: Free


Festa del Redentore / Festival of the Redeemer

Location: Venice, Italy
Dates: July 20-21
The solemnity of a religious festival is set off with entertainment in the form of a fantastic display of fireworks over St. Mark’s Basin. The show of pyrotechnics takes place late in the evening of July 20. On the following day, various regattas take place at the Canale della Giudecca, and a specially constructed wooden bridge leads to the Church of Jesus Christ the Redeemer on Guidecca Island.
Admission: Free


Lugano Buskers Festival

Location: Lugano, Switzerland
Dates: July 17-21
A colorful cast of artists and musicians engage in their quirky brands of street performance art in a beautiful lakeside location.
Admission: Free, but organizers recommend tipping the performers.