Europe Traveler's event picks for Jan. 23 and beyond

By KAREN BRADBURY | Stars and Stripes | Published: January 22, 2019

Mozart Week

Location: Salzburg, Austria
Dates: Jan. 24-Feb. 3
The birth date of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jan. 27, 1756, is celebrated each year in the great musician’s native city with a series of concerts presenting his works from new perspectives. Opera, orchestral and chamber concerts, soloists and film screenings fill a packed program in a city known as a captical for classical music. 
Admission: ticket prices begin at 15 euros.

Wintervonken/ Winter Sparks

Location: Burg, Bruges, Belgium
Dates: Jan. 25-26 (5 p.m.-11:30 p.m. both days)
Bundle up and head outside to enjoy a live music including an orchestral performance, fantastical theatricals and a winter terrace rendered cozy by fire installations.
Entry: Free

Katharine of Aragon Festival

Location: Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough, England
Date: Jan. 25-27
Travel back in time to the Tudor era to celebrate the life of Katharine of Aragon, the first of King Henry VIII’s six wives. Laid to rest in Peterborough on Jan. 29, 1536, the anniversary of her burial is marked by a service of commemoration at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 25, and activities including cathedral tours, guided walks and the chance to encounter costumed Tudor characters at the Peterborough Museum.
Admission: Museum entry costs 4 pounds for adults and 3 pounds for children.

Impuls Festival

Location: Gottfried-Schaeffer-Strasse 2, 94032 Passau, Germany
Date: Jan. 26 (begins 7:30 p.m.)
Enjoy the sounds of 24 bands playing all kind of music from folk to hip-hop in eight different venues scattered across town. A single ticket gives access to all performances. 
Tickets: tickets cost 25 euros when ordered online and printed at home. 


Locations: Temple Bar District and other areas of Dublin, Ireland
Date: Jan. 23-27
Traditional and folk artists, as well as musicians from other genres perform in iconic venues across Dublin, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and City Hall. Ireland’s largest festival of its kind includes concerts, ceilidh dancing, film screenings, children’s activities, sing-alongs and open mike nights at the pubs in the Temple Bar District.
Tickets: Varies by event and performance; the series of concerts known as Front Row Sessions are free, although booking tickets in advance is essential.

Burns Night

Locations: Across Scotland and around the world
Date: on or about Jan. 25
To mark the birthday of Scotland’s greatest bard Robert (Rabbie) Burns in proper form, haggis, whisky, bagpipes and poetry are the essential ingredients. Traditional Burns suppers have been organized across Scotland and anywhere else its people have roamed for the past two centuries. Literary societies, British pubs and language schools are just a few of the likely places to look for an organized event in which haggis, a dish made up sheep’s offal, is served up on a silver platter, to the accompaniment of bagpipes, poetry and many, many toasts.
Admission: Varies with the venue


Location: Madrid, Spain
Dates: Jan. 23-Feb. 10
Madrid’s biggest foodie event celebrates its tenth anniversary with tastings, set menus, film screenings, themed exhibitions and other activities taking place across more than 400 private and public settings, from restaurants to markets to wine bars.
Admission: Prices are set by participating establishments.

Vogel Gryff

Location: Basel, Switzerland
Date: Jan. 26 (from 10:30 a.m. until late evening)
The Vogel Gryff, also known as the Festival of the Griffin, is the biggest event of the year for that part of the city of Basel known as Kleinbasel and forms part of the city’s unique carnival traditions.Three characters are central to the action: the Wild Man, Lion, and Griffin.  The order of the day sees the savage travel down the Rhine by raft as drummers beat out a march and cannons fire in salute. At the river's bank, the Savage is received by the Griffin and the Lion, who then proceed through Kleinbasel, dancing and entertaining the onlookers in their midst.
Admission: Free