Air Force Tuition Assistance

By MILITARY.COM Published: July 12, 2011

The Air Force offers airmen several programs to support their voluntary education goals including 100% Tuition Assistance for college courses taken during off-duty hours.


The maximum amount paid for Tuition Assistance: 100% Tuition and Fees

Not to exceed:

  • $250 @ Semester Credit Hour, or
  • $166 @ Quarter Credit Hour, and
  • $4500 @ Fiscal Year

Application Process

You must apply for Tuition Assistance online using the Air Force Virtual Education Center. This must be done through the Air Force Portal at https://www.my.af.mil/. There are six steps to completing the AFVEC online TA process.

The Fine Print

You will be unable to apply online for TA if the following applies to you:

  • Missing grades over 60 days from course end date.
  • Suspense dates that have expired.
  • Missing personal data in the education record including: Phone, DOS, DOB, Unit, Office Symbol, Mailing Address, Email Address, base, and Education Level.
  • Requesting TA for courses that start more than 30 days into the future.
  • Requesting TA for courses that have already started.
  • Requesting TA for lower level courses which are less than highest ed level awarded.
  • No degree plan in records.

TA is not authorized for courses leading to a lateral or lower level degree than you already possess (i.e. Second Associate's or Bachelor's degree).

CCAF Exception

  • TA will be provided for a Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) degree regardless of your current education level.
  • TA will be provided for a civilian college associate degree even if you have a CCAF associate degree provided you do not possess a civilian associate or higher degree.
  • You are no longer required to obtain your supervisor's signature on your TA form; however, you are expected to discuss your schedule with your supervisor to ensure that participation has his/her support.

Additional Information

After you have completed your tuition assistance form and registered for class, you may still drop/change courses without penalty as long as you notify both the base education center and the school. If you drop a course after the drop/ add period, you must still notify the base ed center and the school but you are liable for the cost of tuition, unless you qualify for waiver of tuition assistance reimbursement.

If you receive a grade of incomplete from a school, you have as much time as the school allows you to clear the incomplete or 12 months from the end of the term, whichever comes first, to clear the incomplete. If you fail to provide a grade that clears the incomplete by that time, we are obligated to recover the tuition assistance.

No Tuition Assistance for post-masters degree course work or degree.