This June 15, 2018 photo shows homemade fire starters, shown in Strafford, N.H., which make great summertime gifts for friends with backyard fire pits. Two of the versions tested by The Associated Press can even be customized with red, white and blue for the Fourth of July. (AP Photo/Holly Ramer)<br>AP

WHICHCRAFT: Festive DIY fire starters for July 4th s’mores

Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows are the essential ingredients for summertime s’mores, but what about wax, alcohol and pinecones?

Want to control that occasional 'hangry' feeling? UNC researchers explore how

If my 3-year-old goes more than two hours without a snack, he turns into a screaming, hangry monster. And if we’re being honest, so do I. But Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, which ended Thursday, and they don’t all transform into the Hulk for a month. UNC researchers have been studying hunger and anger and have found that awareness of your emotions may help vanquish the grumpy, hungry feeling sometimes called “hanger.”

A new children's book tackles police shootings of unarmed black men

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, 12-year-old Tamir Rice. As a series of high-profile killings of black men and boys by police officers shook the country, Atlanta child psychologists and longtime colleagues Dr. Marietta Collins, Dr. Marianne Celano and Dr. Ann Hazzard wanted to do something to spark conversations about racial injustice, counter negative stereotypes and encourage young people to embrace people of all races, cultures and backgrounds. Collins, Celano and Hazzard decided to write a children's book that tackles not only police shootings but systematic racism going back centuries.

A better behind: The fitness world’s obsession with the perfect glutes is back

Depending on whom and what you follow on social media, it’s possible your feed is populated with food porn, puppies, celebrity babies or even poetry. But if your browsing behavior is anything like mine, you’ve noticed an uptick in photos featuring a certain element of the female anatomy, often accompanied by a peach emoji, the new universal symbol for the perfect derriere.

6 things to do before summer-vacation mode sets in

As we head into summer, most of us are more than ready for a break. We're desperate to complete our long, end-of-the-school-year to-do lists and hit the pool or the beach. I get it. Parents are exhausted and kids are feeling a combination of tired, anxious, excited, sad and happy. Although you probably feel like you don't have even one minute to spare over the next couple weeks, I am going to recommend a few additions to your already jam-packed schedule.

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Chicken Kokio offers delicious, convenient takeaway items in Wiesbaden

Located just around the corner from Wiesbaden’s Crestview housing area and a short walk or drive away from Aukamm and Hainerberg, Chicken Kokio is a delicious and convenient way to avoid cooking and doing dishes on busy weekday evenings.

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Famed California chain Fatburger makes its king-sized debut in Tokyo

Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis filled with thousands of exotic dining experiences, replete with flavors found nowhere else in the world. But, for the city’s many expats, there often comes a time when the local fare simply cannot quell the cravings of something comforting and familiar. When confronted with these hunger pangs myself, hunting down an American-style burger is often the only solution to my food-based homesickness.

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The realization that it’s not all about me

“Honey, my job is a priority,” my husband reminded me, after saying that he would not be home to help pack for our family vacation. Every summer, Francis’ work seems to get in the way of our annual beach trip. It’s become tradition for me to do all the planning, packing, dog-kenneling, kid-nagging and driving to North Carolina, while Francis shows up late “because he has to work.”