James Kelly poses with a photo of his late father, also named James Kelly, at his home May 1. Kelly had to delay his plans to travel to Scotland, where he planned to scatter his father's ashes, because of the coronavirus outbreak.<br>John Bazemore/AP

A life well-lived?

As headlines blare about elders being more susceptible to dying of the coronavirus, the healthy wonder: Will I be able to achieve, see, and do everything I wanted out of life?

Zoom with a view: Download a videoconference backdrop for a virtual window to the world

For an escape from the domestic drudgery, a slew of travel industry players have created scenic backgrounds for Zoom participants.

Under quarantine, vintage Soloflexes are getting a workout

Now that we're all sitting on our butts, those old impulse purchases are coming out of storage, both to assuage our guilt and, quite possibly, to tone our glutes.

Digital scale maker finds its customers are maintaining weight during the lockdown

Good news from the internet of flab: Data from connected scales suggests Americans aren't piling on lots of pounds while in coronavirus isolation. But how you view those numbers is a matter of perspective.

The new normal is getting old fast

You might have thought we’d have gotten the hang of this stay-at-home thing by now. But flattening the curve has warped our lives.

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Move through a wild simulated ecosystem by solving puzzles in dreamlike Paper Beast

Perhaps it was when I unspooled tape from an old reel-to-reel player and created a beast out of its ribbons, or maybe it was when I saw a tree sprout hot air balloons. It also could have been when I watched an elephant lead a menagerie in an underwater procession. Each is among the possibilities for the moment I decided that Paper Beast should be counted among the handful of truly great games available on PlayStation VR.

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the meat and potatoes of life

Pandemic ramps up PCS move rivalries

It’s summer PCS season, when 40% of the 400,000 military and DOD civilian moves take place each year. This time brings back memories of our family’s final military move in May 2017. It was our 11th in 23 years of marriage, and it was pretty much like all the rest — a stressful experience involving tedious planning, unexpected crises, broken and lost belongings and physical exhaustion.