In the mountains just north of Boise, drivers are warned about crossing deer and elk. Idaho is one of more than two dozen states that have legalized roadkill salvaging.<br>Matt Vasilogambros, Pew Charitable Trusts/TNS

Why eating roadkill makes roads safer for people and animals

NAMPA, Idaho — It’s taco night at the Lindskoog household in this suburban community 20 miles west of Boise. Nate Lindskoog has seasoned the red meat sizzling in his cast-iron skillet with a mixture of chili powder and Himalayan pink salt. In a few minutes, he will wrap it in corn tortillas and top it off with lime-soaked avocados.


Pentagon testing technology that could let your phone recognize you based on how you move or walk

The Pentagon's Defense Information Systems Agency is currently testing the identification system 50 phones at the Defense Department.

New game-a-day platform Meditations proves there can be joy in text-free play

Over the past several weeks, new video games have tackled unexpected subjects in unpredictable ways. One release was designed to capture the sensation of seeing a newborn smile for the first time. Another sought to illustrate how an entire family could drift apart after the death of a beloved grandfather.

Gary Sinise’s memoir isn’t your typical celebrity dispatch. Then again, he’s not your typical actor.

“Grateful American” is the story of how the actor felt compelled to redirect his passion for his craft on behalf of American troops, wounded veterans and first responders and their families.

RIP Sweethearts, a candy America loved (or loved to hate)

Almost every school kid has exchanged rattly boxes on Valentine's Day. Adults have deployed the candy in sweet surprises and wedding proposals. Sweethearts have been a lifeline for the tongue-tied, a vehicle for flirtation and a shorthand for affection. But this year, you'll only find knockoffs of the candy.

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‘Devil May Cry 5’ steps out of shadow of original by breaking from past

With “Devil May Cry 5,” director Hideaki Itsuno fulfills the promise of his predecessor. But players have to delve through a complicated story line. Told through three perspectives, it follows Dante, the long-standing protagonist; V, a mysterious newcomer and Nero. The three have teamed up to take down a demon called Urizen, which has planted a giant tree called the Qliphoth that is sucking blood out of humans and unleashing monsters on Red Grave City.

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the meat and potatoes of life

Thunderdome awaits college-seeking kids

Back in 1983, I showed up for my SAT test with two No. 2 pencils and a pack of gum. The night before, I talked to my best friend on the phone for two hours, but never cracked a book. I don’t think there were test prep books back in those days. Besides, we figured SATs were aptitude tests. You were smart, or you weren’t. Not much you could do about it.