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Has boozy mom culture gone too far?

Social media feeds are rife with memes depicting exhausted women guzzling wine in giant glasses, with phrases like, "Technically, you're not drinking alone if your kids are home." They refer to wine as "mommy juice" or to the hour of "wine o'clock" -- a time that all moms apparently look forward to as a way to get through the stress of raising their children.

A dating cheat sheet for men

I'm going to let you in on a secret. Ready? Promise not to tell? I give my male clients a "men's dating cheat sheet" when I work with them. Now, this isn't to say, of course, that women don't need, or ask for, the same level of advice as men. Much of this advice could easily apply to everyone -- male, female, or otherwise -- but, even though a lot has changed regarding gender roles, it's still often the men who are expected to take the lead in many dating scenarios.

Blame Instagram: Sparkly food is the next big thing

First things first: There is a difference between “edible” and “nontoxic” glitter. This is an important distinction you will need to remember if you want to participate in what is shaping up to be one of 2018’s biggest and most controversial trends: decorating everything from cookies to pizza with a sprinkling of shiny sparkles. And no, it’s not the kind you buy in the craft aisle.

New luxury hotel will cost $792,000 a night -- and be 200 miles up

Aboard the International Space Station, an astronaut's life is typically work, exercise, rest, repeat. But what if your chance of having the right stuff for NASA's astronaut corps is, to say the least, minimal? Aurora Station, billed as the "first luxury hotel in space," might be for you.

Social media has turned this sticky alley into one of Seattle’s top tourist destinations

It’s the photo every tourist visiting Seattle has to have: the gum-wall selfie. The quirky oddity at Seattle's Pike Place Market, for years just 15 feet wide, has turned into a canyon of chewing gum. Today, the gum wall is eight feet tall and more than 50 feet long -- on both sides of the alley.

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‘Far Cry 5’ marries pairs commentary with fun

For more than a decade, the Far Cry series has been known for sending players to locations that would seem exotic to all but the most globetrotting Westerner: the savannah, the tropics, the Himalayas. Even without placing too much stock in the political wink-winks that date “Far Cry 5” as a product of the Trump Era, there is something ironic about setting the new game in Montana.

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Chaco’s Fussa Steakhouse tasty, convenient to Yokota

You don’t have to go far from the headquarters of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo to get a decent steak. Chaco’s Fussa Steakhouse, right across the road from Yokota Air Base’s main gate, offers a variety of steak cuts at affordable prices.

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Season of change for military children

“When we were leaving Guam, Devon isolated himself from his friends as they were isolating him. We dealt with it by spending more time with one friend and her family that didn’t isolate him and we all became fast friends. Unfortunately she is PCSing in a few months and her mother is telling us that she is now being isolated by her friends,” says Navy spouse Jay of his son, age 10.