This tropical hideout in Rincon, Puerto Rico, sits just steps from sandy Puerto Rico beaches. The vacation rental is one of six that Frommers is offering to military members for a free five-night stay through its "6 for 60" contest.<br>Courtesy of HomeAway

Frommer's 6 for 60 contest a vacation giveaway for military families

To mark the 60-year anniversary of Arthur Frommer's game-changing guidebook, "Europe on $5 a Day," Frommer's has announced a contest titled "6 for 60." In partnership with vacation rental specialists HomeAway, military families have the chance to win one of six travel experiences.

Today’s young adults don’t hit traditional milestones

Shenay Jeffrey, a 28-year-old in a committed relationship for the past two years, is already six years older than the age at which her mother got married.

Minn. boy with rare syndrome has unusual love: ‘All vacuums, all the time’

Ben Liestman peeked into the backroom of the Osseo Vacuum shop. He said he could see a Dyson DC24. “I don’t see one,” said the shop’s owner, Jason Erickson. “I do,” said Ben.

In-home slides, secret rooms and other creative kids’ spaces bring the fun

Leo Kuhl sat on the edge of a yellow tube. Then he disappeared. The 6-year-old twisted and turned down the curved, enclosed slide, then landed in the basement below. “It’s fun,” said Leo. “But a little scary when it turns.”

Roger Ailes, media guru and political strategist, dies at 77

Roger Ailes, the communication maestro who transformed TV news by creating Fox News Channel only to be ousted from his media empire at the height of his reign for alleged sexual harassment, died Thursday, according to his wife, Elizabeth Ailes. He was 77.

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Limitless content, satisfying fisticuffs mark stellar 'Injustice 2'

For many years, the fighting game genre was pretty clearly defined two distinct philosophies. On one hand, there was the anime-based, fluid “Street Fighter” and its clones. On the other, much bloodier hand, there was the motion-captured grit of “Mortal Kombat” and its acolytes.

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the meat and potatoes of life

'Taps' conveys both sadness, peace

One evening in 1981 while I was at summer camp, I took a deep breath, and blew a little too hard on the bugle’s mouthpiece. The counselor who played “Taps” each night to signal “lights out” to the campers had agreed to let me be the substitute bugler that evening.