Will holograms be the next innovation in the post-pandemic workplace?

It’s a pressing question that has yet to be answered: Once the pandemic passes, what will the return to work look like for millions of Americans?

Pandemic cuisine: Odd pairings, old favorites on the menu

Whether it's kimchi, beets or broccoli, the pandemic has had a strange impact on food cravings that goes beyond the joy of comfort eating.

COVID-19 is helping people realize which friendships are worth prioritizing

Just as working from home has revealed that commuting to an office five days a week isn’t necessary for every worker, some who once tried to maintain dozens of friendships are realizing they’re more fulfilled while keeping up with just their nearest and dearest.

Dry January a little moist for some

A raging pandemic, tumultuous presidential election and deadly Capitol insurrection have combined to make the annual tradition of Dry January more moist than airtight for some.

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Disjunction adds stealth to satisfying cyberpunk tale

The cyberpunk genre has been picking up steam lately. That’s partly due to the hype surrounding CD Projekt Red’s long-in-the-works and recently released Cyberpunk 2077. The buzz has nudged other developers to explore a category that’s marked by dark futures and high technology. One of those teams is Ape Tribe Games, which released its retro-style stealth genre title Disjunction. The project checks off all the cyberpunk bona fides. Powerful conglomerates? Bishop-Krauss is the defense contractor with all the robots and drones. Dystopian society? The U.S. went through an economic collapse, and a giant shanty town called Central City has risen in New York’s Central Park. Conspiracy? Central City leader Lamar Hubbard has been framed and is jailed by the police department.

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the meat and potatoes of life

What I found while losing my mind

“Mom, do we have any photos of me and Dad when he came home from deployment?” our daughter asked, unwittingly sending me on a harrowing, epic journey through the storage spaces of our home.