Carol Causieestko is transformed by make-up artists on “Fast-Forward: Look Into Your Future.”<br>PBS

Seeing yourself, decades in the future

Imagine your body 30 years in the future. What will stop working? What will hurt? Will you still be able to throw a ball or lift a child or salsa dance? Will you still look like yourself? Will you feel like yourself?

Their dad died of COVID. Now they're trying to get his clever, made-up word into the dictionary.

In the early aughts, Hilary Krieger was sitting in her parents' Boston home, when her friend accidentally squirted himself with an orange slice. "I said, 'Oh, the orange just orbisculated,' " she recalls. "And he said, 'It did what?' "

How a mannequin head could revolutionize the way orchestras and audiences come together

I look up and behold the ornately ornamented ceiling of Detroit's Orchestra Hall, a place I've never actually been. I look down and my legs have vanished, replaced by a single black pole terminating into a tripod. I look all around and find every other seat in the hall empty, though I'm told that at least 10 of us are in attendance. And onstage in front of me, I see the 19 socially distanced members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra tuning their instruments in complete silence - that is, until I pop in my ear buds.

New tool demystifies coding for students as Hawaii legislators push computer science to younger grades

The square mats, called Unruly Splats, might seem like pure fun, but they introduce children to computer coding at a basic level.

Need help shifting from home to work mode? Try a fake commute

A fake commute can help you reclaim precious transition time and re-establish the boundaries that have been blurred by working from home.

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Monster Hunter Rise is the most ambitious Nintendo Switch game in a long time

Monster Hunter Rise is an original, made-for-Switch Capcom title that shatters expectations of what to expect. For all intents and purposes, it's an even bigger experience than Monster Hunter World on PC and other consoles. This is grand news for any hunters who joined the bandwagon with World, currently Capcom's best-selling title of all time, bigger than its Resident Evil or Street Fighter series.

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the meat and potatoes of life

Bad recipes and why I keep them

Fueled by a rare rush of spring cleaning adrenaline, I lifted the bloated behemoth off of my crowded shelf of cookbooks, careful to catch the loose clippings stuffed haphazardly between her cracked covers. The 30-year-old binder full of collected recipes was surely in need of a good purge after all this time.