Attorney Laura Wasser, shown April 28, 2018, advisees couples to avoid divorce attorneys for cost-cutting reasons.<br>TNS

Angelina Jolie’s attorney tells other divorcing couples: Stay away from lawyers if you can

As one of the celebrity world’s best-known family law attorneys, Laura Wasser is a prominent fixture in America’s "divorce industrial complex" which is excoriated in the new film "Marriage Story." But as much as Wasser, 51, has made her fame and fortune through family law, she is now one of the first to tell people to avoid hiring attorneys to handle their divorce -- unless it’s really necessary.

The challenges of holiday travel with a sleep disorder

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful, and it can be even more stressful for travelers who have a sleep disorder.

Christmas sweaters turn from earnest to varying degrees of raunchy

The Santa Claus you see on Christmas sweaters lately is not the jolly old elf with a sack full of toys, an emblem of holiday cheer and generosity. He’s kind of a dirtbag, to be honest. He’s probably saying something like, "I do it for the ho’s," or "I have a big package for you."

Clifford, everybody’s favorite big red dog, gets a reboot

Who’s your favorite big red dog? If you have one, chances are his name is Clifford. Scholastic Entertainment is rebooting the TV series about the giant dog with an equally large heart this week on Amazon Prime Video and PBS, the latter his home since the early aughts.

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The Balkan Grill still going strong after 50 years

Located on the geographical crossroads between eastern and central Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the Balkans are renowned for the variety of the local cuisine, which incorporates influences from all of these regions.

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the meat and potatoes of life

A 5-step prelude to starting my diet

I’m a little upset that my husband didn’t give me a Peloton for Christmas, but then again, he might be in the doghouse if he did. Without a shiny new exercise machine in my living room, I’m left to muster the motivation to begin a 2020 fitness regimen all by myself.