Coronavirus has invaded our children's play, and doctors say that's a good thing.<br>iStock

COVID has invaded our kids' pretend play, and experts say it's a good thing

Kelly Morse entered her 4-year-old son’s pretend doctor’s office one day last April and asked him how she was doing. She was taken aback when he examined her with his toy stethoscope and responded, solemnly, “Not well, you’ve got coronavirus.”

Raising kind children

Some mothers said they were once focused on raising and launching successful children into the world. But with day cares closed and babysitters unable to work, grade schools and colleges forced online, extracurriculars canceled and tests such as the SAT postponed, mothers have been spending more high-quality time with their children — time that some said has led them to re-examine the personality traits they wanted to foster in their children: kindness and compassion over competition, and empathy for those who may be struggling.

COVID-19 video games show how pandemic affects people differently

Surrounded, concerned and frustrated by our current pandemic, I certainly didn’t want COVID-19 to enter my game-playing time. The virus and its effects had consumed enough of my life. Confession: I was wrong.

Dining bubbles are popping up everywhere; experts weigh in on whether they are safe

While infectious-disease experts warn that careless use of dining bubbles could facilitate transmission of the coronavirus, they also say it is possible for dining in them to be relatively low-risk, as long as certain precautions are taken.

Book review

‘Divided We Fall’ says secession is a real, and dangerous, possibility

A spate of recent book titles shout from shelves and online shopping carts, offering up the worst versions of people we already hate for thirty bucks or less. Legions of voices on traditional and social media will do the same, ostensibly for free. “Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation,” by David French, makes no such offers.

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Sackboy: A Big Adventure is delightful, but it's missing something

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a lustrous romp of carnival fantasy, but it feels like they left something out. The new Sackboy has no game creation mode for fans, it is not a new version of LittleBigPlanet, which is disappointing because this is such a touted, anticipated PlayStation 5 launch title.

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the meat and potatoes of life

To all the turkeys I've ruined before

Since my husband, Francis, and I tied the knot many years ago, I’ve cooked exactly 26 Thanksgiving turkeys. We ate every one of them, from their white tenderloins to their sinewy wings. Molinaris are not known to waste food, after all. But truth be told, not every turkey I cooked was perfect.