Experts offer advice on how to create a well-stocked first-aid kit

Assembling a basic supply of medicines and treatments in one organized place — along with instructions for how to use them — will prepare you to care for yourself and others, particularly as the coronavirus pandemic continues and flu season approaches.

Dogs, too, can find the pandemic disorienting

Dogs understand a few things very well: walks, how to get treats and belly rubs, what time they get fed, and whether they are a good boy or girl. They do not understand a global pandemic.

The pandemic led some families to pull parents out of long-term care facilities; now what comes next?

There have been more than 70,000 deaths in long-term care facilities since March due to covid-19, 41% of all virus-related deaths reported nationwide. But experts say the true toll of the deadly pandemic on the elderly is much higher.

As universities reopen, no one has more uncertainty than this year’s freshman class

There’s the adventure of going off to college for the first time, that big, nerve-wracking step toward adulthood that some students have been preparing for their entire high school careers. And then there’s going off to college for the first time in 2020.

Though controversial, distance learning has benefited many students

Those annoying puffy spots under the eyes of eighth-grader Natalie Alvarez began to disappear, followed by the 10 a.m. hunger bouts and the midafternoon yawns — much to the Carson, Calif., girl’s delight and surprise.

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the meat and potatoes of life

Champagne dreams, Dirty Banana realities

I’ve always wanted to say, teeth clenched with haughty intonation, “We were on the Vineyard yesterday,” as if it were our regular routine now that we live in New England. So, last weekend, the unofficial end of summer, my husband, Francis, and I took a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard, the preppy vacation spot for the rich and famous.