Some of the well-meaning (but often ridiculous) defenses women have been offered against the great boogeyman of sexual violence. <br>Illustration by Eddie Alvarez/The Washington Post

Locking panties and man-repelling bracelets: Is this what the women of 2018 need?

In the promised reckoning over sexual assault, harassment and rape culture, a bracelet probably wasn't the solution the women of 2018 were hoping for. But here it is. This month, a Dutch start-up announced the sale of the Invi bracelet, the latest in a long line of odd implements designed for fending off would-be rapists. When the wearer gives it a tug, the Invi releases a pungent stench that Invi's founder, Roel van der Kamp, likens to a skunk's perfume.

Michigan man wins prize for best beard and mustache in the nation

The nation has spoken: A 44-year-old Michigan man with a handlebar mustache and a beard that reaches to about his collarbone has the best facial hair in the country.

The future of esports is here as the Overwatch League debuts

In the Burbank, Calif., soundstage where Johnny Carson and Jay Leno spent four decades filming “The Tonight Show,” a former Washington State computer science student named Seagull is pursuing a South Korean teenager with a very big gun. Their characters’ exploits inside "Overwatch," the wildly popular multiplayer game not yet two years old, flicker above their heads on an enormous high-definition screen.

Unfinished dream castle in rural Minnesota seeking new owner

Gary and Beth Arntson have had a lot of big ideas for their home. First, they wanted to build an earth-sheltered house. Then, a geodesic dome. But after Gary scouted rural Goodhue County and came across a hill with scenic, sweeping views of the Sogn Valley, he knew what he needed to build atop the crest: a European-style castle, four-sided with towers on every corner, that would stand for 300 years.

Vinyl lives on at New Jersey record shop

Howard and Nan have long passed away, but their names linger on a sign at one of the oldest businesses at the Berlin Farmers Market. Hanging outside the store they founded inside the market 65 years ago, the sign still reads, “Howard and Nan’s Record Shop.” It’s a tribute by the shop’s current owner Joseph DiPietro, who used to work for Philadelphians Howard Horne and Nancy Ferraro. Had it not been for DiPietro’s dedication, passion for music and his respect for both tradition and the store’s founders, the Record Shop might have disappeared like the small downtown record stores that grappled with regional and national chains and fought to stay open as listeners moved away from vinyl albums and into CDs.

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‘Accounting+’ is pure virtual reality fun

I’m standing in the middle of a woodsy-looking area holding a battery that I plucked from a climate-control machine in one hand and, in my other, the receiver of a corded phone attached to a pole. My attention is divided between my bosses who are yelling at me through the phone telling me that I should kill myself and a tree dwelling creature I see nearby who is cursing at me for invading his sanctuary.

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the meat and potatoes of life

Turning the other cheek: Tale of a colonoscopy

It seems that every humor writer on Earth has penned an amusing account of his or her root canal, mammogram or other cringe-worthy medical procedure. Arguably, the intimate details of one’s doctor’s appointments should not be published for the masses to read. However, many unscrupulous writers before me have plucked this low-hanging fruit in shameless pursuit of an easy laugh.