Zoe Saldana, from left, Karen Gillan, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper, in a scene from, "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2." <br>Disney-Marvel/AP

Review: 'Guardians' returns and it’s better than the first

In James Gunn’s sequel to his swashbuckling space Western, the Guardians of the Galaxy do their version of “The Empire Strikes Back,” complete with daddy issues but with a considerably more anarchic spirit and enough acerbic interplay among its interstellar gang to make Obi-Wan blush.

Body-positive yoga enthusiast aims to change lives with book

Jessamyn Stanley isn’t your average yogi, so it makes sense that her new book, “Every Body Yoga,” isn’t your average yoga book. Part comprehensive guide, part reveal-all memoir, the book (Workman, $16.95)is refreshingly frank, laugh-out-loud funny and more than a bit profane (F-bomb alert!). Stanley, who calls herself a “yoga enthusiast and fat femme,” believes that everyone can practice yoga and that yoga can help everyone move past the obstacles in their lives.

Forever can wait: Millennials are taking longer to marry

Like many of today’s young people, 34-year-old Andy Sanchez wants to get married but is having a hard time finding somebody interested in a serious relationship.

Noisy or silent, your phone is stressing you out

Doug Ross, 31, wakes every morning to a screen full of notifications. He receives updates from news apps, chats from coworkers and emails from East Coast clients, all beckoning to be answered before the workday even starts. Working during the day as a consultant for the software company Adobe, the alerts pour in on a near-constant basis. He usually answers within seconds.

Mere tilt of your phone could cost you security

The latest vulnerability lurking in your smartphone — that gadget with the keys to credit cards and a mountain of private information — may rest in how you hold it. Or at least the tiny movements it picks up while you type on it.

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After Hours

Alom Dee brings spicy Thai fare to Landstuhl

Alom Dee, a Thai restaurant and sushi bar, doesn’t look like much from the outside. Or the inside. Good thing the bare interior and worn wooden tables of the cafe in Landstuhl, Germany, aren’t on the menu. Just about everything else is, though. The expansive menu is the size of a small book.

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Military transitions just can't be rushed

A few days ago, I made my usual school drop-off, then took our 2-year-old lab, Moby, on his regular morning walk. While we trudged around the local reservoir, I listened to my latest audio book and focused my eyes on the path, dodging the many goose deposits.