Pantone hopes its 'life-affirming' color of the year will make everyone feel better

Citing consumers' desire for real human connections amid an increasingly negative social media landscape, the trend forecasters and color experts at Pantone have selected Living Coral, a "life-affirming" and "nurturing" shade, as 2019's color of the year.

Dictionary.com chooses ‘misinformation’ as word of the year

Misinformation, as opposed to disinformation, was chosen Monday as Dictionary.com’s word of the year on the tattered coattails of “toxic,” picked earlier this month for the same honor by Oxford Dictionaries in these tumultuous times.

Joanna Gaines tells how to make a house a home in new book

Joanna Gaines, known for her cozy-yet-cool designs including open-concept floor plans, farmhouse sinks and sliding barn doors, admits having to scale back on the vision of her own home in Waco, Texas, to allow her children to add personality to their own spaces. “In the past it was hard,” she said recently in an interview, having to shift her thinking to, “This is their space. This is what makes them come alive, I need to encourage that.”

Could you squeeze into a new airplane bathroom?

Flying has become a game of inches, with airlines trying to squeeze as many passengers as possible on planes. They have made seats smaller, shrunk legroom and now made the bathrooms so small an average-size person feels squeezed.

The dishes on your Thanksgiving table have deep, indigenous roots beyond the first feast

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude for our friends and family, for life events -- and for food. Lots of food. We Americans will more than double our daily caloric intake in the name of Thanksgiving tradition. But while the turkey and trimmings, heaps of mashed potatoes and thick slices of pie are considered a cornerstone of American culture, our feast exists because of the ingenuity and labor of indigenous communities from the Americas and around the world.

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'Battlefield V' struggles to make sense of history

The “Battlefield” series has never gone in order, or even really added up. “Battlefield V” is technically the 15th game in the series (depending on how you count), not the fifth. It’s the direct sequel to “Battlefield 1,” which was the 14th game, not the first. The first was 2002’s “Battlefied: 1942.” 2005’s “Battlefield 2” was actually the third in the series, and there were seven games released between it and “Battlefield 3.” Though the title of each always seems straightforward, when you look back across the series it seems to have lost track of itself. These are games built around moments that blend together without ever really connecting.

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the meat and potatoes of life

Trying to keep the shame on the shelf

When it comes to trends, I operate on a standard five-to-10-year delay. Hence, I refer to ink cartridges as “printer ribbons,” I’ve always wanted that hairstyle Jennifer Aniston had on “Friends,” and I still own a pair of dark-washed jeans. So, it’s no surprise that I never picked up on The Elf on the Shelf craze.