“Mean Girls” and its infamous burn book live on, shown here with the cast for its national theatrical tour in 2019. The 2004 movie also inspired a holiday on Oct. 3.<br>TNS

Not real, but spectacular

If anything about this day and age is certain, it’s that people love celebrating fake holidays. National 7-Eleven Day. Fried Chicken Day. Presidents’ Day. (We’ll never believe that one’s real.) But these social media hashtags are mere trifles. Pop culture has brought us a glut of wonderful fake holidays, some that are even celebrated in the real world now -- such as today, Feb. 13: Galentine’s Day. So, decided it was vital to rank them immediately. Obviously.

Kind Words is a bright spot in a dark world

For many, video games are an escape or respite from day-to-day problems, a way to absorb yourself in a virtual world. Kind Words, a game about sending positive messages to strangers, isn’t just a safe haven for players, but also an escape for its creators.

Angelina Jolie’s attorney tells other divorcing couples: Stay away from lawyers if you can

As one of the celebrity world’s best-known family law attorneys, Laura Wasser is a prominent fixture in America’s "divorce industrial complex" which is excoriated in the new film "Marriage Story." But as much as Wasser, 51, has made her fame and fortune through family law, she is now one of the first to tell people to avoid hiring attorneys to handle their divorce -- unless it’s really necessary.

Tips for transitioning back to work after the holidays

As we say our goodbyes to the holidays, the promise of the new year stands right in front of us. Back to life, back to reality. If only that transition could always be simple. It's a time for a reset and new resolutions, all while returning to the work grind. The pressures can be a lot to manage, so The Inquirer gathered self-care tips to help with that to-do list for both professional and personal goals. So, 2020, let's go.

Inquiring minds want to know: Who reads tabloids these days?

So there you are in the grocery checkout line, kicking yourself for forgetting the reusable bags and wondering why you didn’t just go through the self-checkout. And there they are. The photos. The headlines.

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'7th Sector': An inspired sci-fi game from the point of view of a spark

Although it has its stealth and action moments, at its heart "7th Sector" is a challenging puzzle game that will occasionally tap into your math or logic skills, or, if you’re like me, send you scurrying to the internet for answers.

pacific after hours

Soul Food House brings Southern cuisine to Tokyo

Embedded in episode six of the Netflix show “Ugly Delicious,” hosted by award-winning chef David Chang, is a short segment on fried chicken at Soul Food House, a restaurant in the Azabujuban neighborhood of central Tokyo.

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the meat and potatoes of life

A day set aside for torture, tenderness

As much as I’d like to blame Hallmark, FTD, Whitman’s Sampler, Russell Stover, Brachs and The Melting Pot for inventing Valentine’s Day to benefit the blood-sucking consumer industry, unfortunately I can’t.