Boat race in Vietnam, 1968

Da Nang, South Vietnam, Aug. 15, 1968: Vietnamese sailors watch hundreds of Vietnamese fishermen from the coast villages near the Army of the Republic of Vietnam’s I Corps’ base take part in boat races with their fishing boats.

Waiting for Uncle Frank: 73 years later, he’s still missing — with 7,490 others in Korean War

In total, 7,491 American service members who served in the Korean War are still unaccounted for. Among them is Cpl. Leslie Franklin Greer, Uncle Frank.

Hurricane Lee threatens stabilization efforts at centuries-old Maine fort

Stabilization work at an 1800s fort damaged by a ferocious winter storm in 2022 began last week, just in time for Hurricane Lee to bear down on Maine.

Leon Panetta and Lloyd Austin in Iraq, 2011

Baghdad, Iraq, July 10, 2011: For the first time as defense secretary, Leon Panetta is greeted by Gen. Lloyd Austin, commanding general, U.S. Forces — Iraq.

Vietnam pilots who flew rescue helicopter into firefight 6 times deserve Medal of Honor, advocates say

For more than a decade, a push has been underway to get the Distinguished Flying Crosses awarded to Army pilot Capt. Larry Liss and co-pilot Tom Baca upgraded.

Welcome home, 1949

Wiesbaden, Germany, Oct. 13, 1949: Maj. C.R. Hall, Wiesbaden’s post billeting officer, presents a bouquet to Eunice Steed, wife of Capt. Cecil V. Steed, adjutant of the 7167th Special Air missions Squadron (second from left), welcoming them as the first tenants in Wiesbaden’s new German-financed apartments project.

Remembering Las Vegas scandal that brought down a US Navy secretary

The Tailhook incident started in September 1991, about six months after the American military victory against Iraq in the Gulf War. Then in June 1992, Secretary of the Navy H. Lawrence Garrett III quit amid the scandal.

Scout helicopters in Vietnam, 1966

Bong Son, Vietnam, Feb. 2, 1966: Ground crewmen prepare to refuel a Scout H-13 helicopter during the 1st Air Cavalry Division’s participation in Operation White Wing.

From the archives, 1966: Pilots face Viet Cong in a bubble

These men who fly the 10 “Scout” H-13’s of the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry, are almost totally exposed to anyone shooting at them.

Remains of California airman who sank with plane in WWII recovered 80 years later

During WWII, 22-year-old airman Irving Newman sank in a plane crash off the coast of Malta. Eighty years later, divers located the wreckage and recovered his remains.

Purple Heart delivered to family of mysterious soldier who died in World War II

Robert C. Greiner was an Army infantryman who died in France in August 1944, in the waning days of World War II. He had been a shadowy presence in the lives of Jim Corbran and nephew Kevin Greiner for a long time.

Dog training in Iraq, 2011

Sather Air Base, Iraq, Dec. 14, 2011: Senior Airman Stephen Hanks, a dog handler with the 447th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, does a training exercise with his dog Geri.

Pennsylvania veterans remember 33 National Guard members killed in 1950 train crash

Pennsylvania National Guard veterans Harry Caines and Pat Cerra have not forgotten a train crash over seven decades ago that killed 33 fellow soldiers and injured scores more. Now in their 90s, they want to make sure others remember it, too.

River patrol in Vietnam, 1968

On the My Tho river, South Vietnam, Oct. 14, 1968: Seaman and gunner Stephen Artz is silhouetted sitting atop a U.S. Navy patrol boat.

Robert Gates in San Diego, 2010

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Aug. 13, 2010: Defense Secretary Robert Gates visits to inspect recruits and preside over a graduation ceremony of six platoons.

School crossing in Frankfurt, 1949

Frankfurt, Germany, Sep. 28, 1949: Charles Brown halts a group of pupils from the Furstenberger Elementary School until it’s safe to cross Furstenberger street.

The boneyard at Shindand, 2011

Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan, Oct. 13, 2011: An expanse known as “the boneyard” at Shindand Air Base in Herat province holds vestiges of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan that ended in 1989.

4 ‘excellently preserved’ Roman-era swords found in cave near Dead Sea

The rare weapons are believed to have been hidden by Judean rebels after they were seized from the Roman army nearly 2,000 years ago, researchers said.

Black’s Bathtub in Vietnam, 1969

Black Virgin Mountain, South Vietnam, Oct. 14, 1969: A soldier walks on the outer edge of “Black’s Bathtub,” atop Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin) mountain as clouds roll by behind him at the outpost at an elevation of 3,200 feet.