Nose to nose, 2003
Persian Gulf, March 2003: A sailor in an EA-6B Prowler, left, looks down at a fighter jet that gets close to the aircraft while it is being parked on the USS Kitty Hawk flight deck.
All shook up in Germany, 1960
Friedberg, Germany, Feb. 20, 1960: Elvis Presley laughs as he gives interviews at the Ray Barracks, shortly before being discharged from the U.S. Army and leaving Germany.
Killing, dying, suffering ‘indelibly marked us all’
It was Sunday, Nov. 14, 1965, just after dark when I climbed aboard a Huey helicopter filled with crates of ammunition and hand grenades and hitched a ride into the pages of history.
Progress toward truth-telling exhibit at Georgia Confederate monument a ‘positive step’
A new, paradigm-shifting museum exhibit planned for Stone Mountain Park will attempt to hash out the uncomfortable origins of the world’s largest Confederate monument.
Sungnam Orphanage, 1960
Seoul, South Korea, October 1960: Lt. Col. Fred J. Ruff and Chaplain (Maj.) William H. Briggs paint the window frames of the Sungnam Orphanage in Seoul.
Border clarification, 2007
Subayht, Iraq, Oct. 2, 2007: Lt. Todd Richardson of 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines gets some clarification on neighborhood borders in Subayht, Iraq.
It's White House wedding day - but the wildest one was Alice Roosevelt's
At her White House wedding in 1906, Alice Lee Roosevelt, the lively daughter of Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, grabbed a military guard's sword and sliced her wedding cake in half. "Let somebody else do the rest," she said with a laugh.
Man Ray in Paris, 1965
Paris, France, Sep. 22, 1965: Artist Man Ray, photographed in his Paris studio where he spent most of his career.
Unclaimed remains of 133 veterans and relatives brought to final rest in Washington State Veterans Cemetery
Some fought in Vietnam, in World War II and as far back as the Spanish-American War. Some 43 served in World War I. They included Carl Croson, who served in the Army in WWI, and his son Kenneth, who served in the Coast Guard in WWII.
44th MASH in South Korea, 1960
South Korea, February 1960: Spc. 5 Edward Coggs and Staff Sgt. Walter Hettinger, both of the 54th Medical Detachment (Helicopter Ambulance) unload a patient from a H-13 Sioux helicopter for hospitalization at the 44th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH).
American Library in Paris, 1960
Paris, July 16, 1960: An American girl (left) and two French youngsters in the reading room set aside for children at the American Library in Paris.
Oil field tourists, 2003
Rumallah, Iraq, May 2003: Military intelligence analysts who spend the war within the confines of Camp Doha, Kuwait, take advantage of an opportunity to get out of the office for a day’s adventure through the Rumallah oil fields.
A 1922 Army-Marines football game in Baltimore drew thousands of spectators
On Dec. 2, 1922, more than 43,000 people poured into Municipal Stadium on 33rd Street to christen the new ballpark in a battle between the Third Army Corps and the Quantico (Virginia) Marines.
USS Normandy visits French region’s hallowed WWII sites to pay respects
During the Monday stopover in Cherbourg, officials from the ship planned to participate in a wreath laying at the Utah Beach American Memorial, the Navy said.
A look at the 2 vintage planes that crashed at a Dallas air show
Two vintage aircraft that crashed midair Saturday at a Dallas air show once belonged to a massive arsenal of World War II-era fighter planes. The aircraft, however, diverged entirely in their missions.
Clearing the perimeter, 1965
South Vietnam, May 20, 1965: U.S. helicopters rake the perimeter of a landing zone with rockets and machine-gun fire before dropping off troops brought in from Binh Hoa.
Ia Drang Valley: where the US truly went to war
After years of advising the South Vietnamese against the communist North, and months of chasing black-clad guerrillas, a large formation of American troops faced well-trained, well-equipped regulars of the People’s Army of Vietnam.
How the 1918 pandemic changed America, from women's rights to germaphobia
With 675,000 Americans dead of the flu — of at least 50 million victims worldwide — fear, anxiety and a residual national trauma permeated daily life.
Reunion at Remagen, 1962
Remagen, Germany, March 7, 1962: Former German army Sgt. Gerhard Rothe (left) pours a drink into the ceremonial cup held by U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Joseph A. DeLisio so they can raise a toast at the ceremony commemorating the Allied capture of the Ludendorff railroad bridge at Remagen, Germany, on March 7, 1945.