Loudspeakers aimed at East Berlin, 1963

Berlin, September 1963: When the government of East Berlin used loudspeakers to drown out a speech by West German President Heinrich Luebke in the western sector of the city, retaliation came in the form of a mobile unit equipped with clusters of even more powerful speakers.

Japanese Americans from California return to WWII Arkansas incarceration camps

Last month, a caravan of four buses carried California survivors to the sites of the Jerome and Rowher incarceration camps, built during World War II to hold thousands of Japanese Americans who lived on the West Coast.

Fire Support Base 25, 1968

Fire Support Base 25, Dak To Bo, South Vietnam, March 11, 1968: A soldier carries spent Howitzer shells.

9 interesting things about Jersey Shore’s once-hidden, possibly haunted WWII bunker

The enormous bunker, Battery 223, is located right on the beach in Cape May Point State Park — evident to anyone who sets up their beach chairs and umbrellas in the summer months. While it’s hard to miss, local historians say there’s much about the bunker and nearby Fire Control Tower No. 23 that people don’t know.

A brother, killed 80 years ago in WWII. A sister, left wondering. A resolution, finally.

WWII veteran Arthur Ervin Jr., was buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in October 2023, four years after his sister Barbara Dyer was buried at age 86 — even though he died 75 years before her at age 22. Dyer spent her life wondering if her brother’s remains would ever be found, identified and returned.

Rising floodwaters, 1954

West Germany, July 12, 1954: Floodwaters, rising to the second story of buildings in this town, left more than 50,000 people homeless along the Danube, Isar and Inn rivers.

From the Archives: City of Peace — Historic Kyoto, Tourists’, Photographers’ Paradise

Kyoto is a haven for tourists and a paradise for photographers. The capital of Japan from 794 A.D. to 1868, Kyoto is dotted with 1,400 temples and shrines — almost a third of those in the entire nation.

Gateway to the Heian Jingu Shrine, 1955

Kyoto, Japan, March 1955: The Otorii — the gateway to the Heian Jingu Shrine — in Kyoto, Japan, as it was in March 1955.

Civil War Medal of Honor recipients inducted into Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hosted a Hall of Heroes induction ceremony at the Pentagon on Thursday in honor of Civil War Pvts. Philip Shadrach and George Wilson, who received the Medal of Honor a day earlier.

Colorado man secures posthumous Purple Heart in tribute to World War II veteran father

Dick Olson discovered that his father, despite being seriously injured in a plane crash before enduring months as a prisoner of war, had never received a Purple Heart. For seven years, Olson worked to correct the oversight.