Anthony Quinn in Malaga, Spain, 1965

Malaga, Spain, July 1965: Actor Anthony Quinn during a break in the filming of “The Centurions” (later released as “Lost Command”), in which Quinn stars as Pierre Raspeguy, a French paratrooper fighting in Indochina and Algeria in the 1950s.

121st Evacuation Hospital in South Korea, 1957

South Korea, August 1957: Spc. Paul W. Sebesky prepares a leg cast at the 121st Evacuation Hospital.

Confederate sentiment in Southern California ran deeper than you might know

How did Southern California wind up so … Southern? Well, the Butterfield stagecoach routes ran from Texas through Arizona and New Mexico into Los Angeles, and people heading west brought enslaved Black men and women with them, to the gold fields and, after the gold played out, throughout the state.

Little League playoffs in Poland, 2003

Kutno, Poland, July 23, 2003: The Stars and Stripes waves over the stands during the final game of the Little League Baseball’s Trans-Atlantic regional playoffs.

Missing Marge: Search expert sets sights on wreckage of famed fighter flown by WWII ace

Justin Taylan, director of the nonprofit search-and-recovery organization Pacific Wrecks, is preparing to lead a team to Papua New Guinea to locate one of the most famous aircraft from World War II: a P-38 named Marge flown by ace fighter pilot Richard Bong.

Army Air Forces sergeant, killed during WWII, buried with full military honors at Arlington Cemetery

The remains of U.S. Army Air Forces Sgt. Irving R. Newman, killed in action in 1943, were buried with full military honors Thursday at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

10 years after Chibok, Nigerian families cope with trauma of more school kidnappings

The mass abduction of 276 schoolgirls a decade ago in Nigeria marked a new era of fear in Africa’s most populous country. Since the Chibok abductions in April 2014, at least 1,500 students have been kidnapped, as armed groups increasingly find in them a lucrative way to fund other crimes.

Exercise Combine in West Germany, 1951

West Germany, October 1951: A farmer with an ox-drawn cart passes a jeep parked in the shade of a tree during Exercise Combine in the Rhine Valley.

Mystery object found on Cape Cod beach linked to once top-secret program, park says

A puzzling object resembling an aircraft fuselage washed up on a Cape Cod beach, and historians say closer inspection has revealed it’s an artifact linked to military training during the Cold War.

Shel Silverstein in Tokyo, 1954

Tokyo, Japan, 1954: Artist Shel Silverstein checks a pre-press plate before it is printed, along with Pacific Stars and Stripes staff at the Hardy Barracks building.