Lebanon's crisis threatens one of its few unifiers, the army
Since the civil war, through wars with Israel, militant bombings and domestic turmoil, Lebanese have considered their military as an anchor for stability, one of the only institutions standing above the country's divisions. But the military is now threatened by Lebanon's devastating financial collapse.
Winter Shield II exercise, 1961
West Germany, February, 1961: Spc. Theodore Williams and Pfc. Joseph Johnson of the “NATO” team’s 8th Infantry Division move southward to dig in against the “aggressor” team during Winter Shield II in the Grafenwoehr-Hohenfels area.
US Army to work on disinterring Native American remains this week from Carlisle Barracks
The Army will conduct the fourth project to disinter the remains of Native Americans who died after being sent to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School and were buried at the Carlisle Barracks.
Army’s top museum reopens on the service’s 246th birthday
The National Museum of the United States Army reopened its doors to the public Monday to help the service celebrate its 246th birthday.
Bob Hope at Rhein-Main, 1990
Frankfurt, West Germany, May, 1990: Airman 1st Class Steve Kohler gets some help from Bob Hope in loosening his pucker after kissing actress Brooke Shields during a USO show at Rhein-Main Air Base.
Historic WWII submarine USS Cod arrives in Erie for repairs
The U.S.S. Cod, a World War II submarine that performed the only international sub-to-sub rescue in history, arrived in Erie for hull repairs after knocking a Coast Guard vessel.
Hate watch group reviews Confederate symbols at military colleges, including three at Naval Academy, as renaming studied
A Southern Poverty Law Center report examining military colleges including the Naval Academy found as many as dozens of Confederate symbols on individual campuses.
Pinatubo’s 1991 eruption served as shattering finale to US basing in Philippines
Ash, smoke and mayhem descended onto Clark Air Base when nearby Mount Pinatubo erupted three decades ago in the Philippines.
Eternal Hope: The king of comedy still makes ‘em laugh
Bob Hope is such an institution he seems more like a character from American literature or folklore — in a class with Huckleberry Finn or Paul Bunyan.
Over Kosovo, 1999
Over Kosovo, June, 1999: U.S. Marine Cpl. Jason Poracky takes in the view of the Yugoslav province of Kosovo from the back of a CH-46 helicopter.