Announcement scheduled for Tuesday about plans to bring destroyer to Jacksonville
The USS Orleck, which was launched in 1945 and later earned the nickname “The Gray Ghost of the Vietnam Coast,” has been undergoing a seaworthiness inspection in Texas. Results of the inspection will be announced at Tuesday’s ceremony.
Checking the tires, 1990
Rhein-Main AB, Germany, November 1990: Senior Master Sgt. James Harper, satellite chief of supply, and Tech. Sgt. Wilford Raiford, superintendent of the forward supply location, do a spot check of a war readiness kit pallet, examining a 300-pound main gear tire for a C-141.
The Eiffel Tower, 1955
Paris, July 1955: A lone visitor to the terrace of the Palais de Chaillot looks across the Seine to the portion of the Eiffel Tower that hasn’t vanished into the low overcast.
WWII shipwreck killed 250 off NC coast; why has it never been found?
The Lady Hawkins was torpedoed by a German U-boat submarine in 1942, and its location remains unknown, despite the availability of high-tech search and seafloor mapping equipment.
Paying respects, 1978
Rome, October 1978: Mourners file through the Vatican’s Clementine Chapel to pay their respects to Pope John Paul I, who died only 33 days into his papacy.
Jack Nicholson in Tokyo, 1976
Tokyo, January 1976: Actor Jack Nicholson gestures during a press conference at the New Otani Hotel.
At 101, WWII seaman George Ellers still stands tall for the red, white and blue
At 101, George Ellers seldom stands at attention. But let him hear the national anthem before a televised football game, and the World War II veteran clamors to rise.
Cannes Film Festival, 1958
Cannes, France, May 1958: Actresses Sophia Loren, right, and Daniele Darrieux arrive at a Cannes Film Festival screening.
Bishop Niemoeller, 1957
Frankfurt, Germany, January 1957: Bishop Martin Niemoeller (1892-1984) speaks to 200 members of the 3rd Armored Division at the Edwards Casern chapel. As head of the Pastors’ Emergency League in Germany in the 1930s, Niemoeller — a World War I U-boat officer who initially supported the Nazis because they opposed communism — so angered Hitler with his sermons against government attempts to control the churches that he was sent to concentration camps for eight years.
Nixon and Marcos in Manila, 1969
Manila, Philippines, July 1969: President Richard Nixon and Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos wave to the crowd from atop the hood of their car.