President Lyndon Johnson in South Korea, 1966
Seoul, South Korea, November 1966: President Lyndon Johnson stands as the national anthem is played during a visit to the 26th ROK Division.
Anchors aweigh: Retired US Navy destroyer headed for Jacksonville, Fla.
The USS Orleck, a former U.S. Navy destroyer that saw combat in the Korean and Vietnam wars, is heading to Jacksonville, Fla., to begin a new life as a floating military museum.
'Exceptional' ruins of Roman settlement discovered in England including giant road, coins and makeup
The rare finds announced Tuesday include more than 300 coins, jewelry and a giant Roman road, with the area being described as “a significant archaeological site.”
Okla. veterans park acquires Vietnam-era helicopter, World War II Jeep
A Vietnam-era Bell UH-1 Iroquois military utility helicopter — nicknamed Huey — arrived at its final resting place at Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park in Enid, Okla., on Monday.
Baseball stars in West Germany, 1951
Frankfurt, West Germany, February 1951: Four of the baseball notables who will be taking part in the week-long EUCOM Baseball and Softball Coaches and Officials clinic relax at Rhein-Main airport after a 27-hour flight from the States. From left to right are players Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals and Jerry Coleman of the New York Yankees; former Giants and Cardinals great Frankie Frisch; and longtime Chicago Cubs manager Charlie Grimm. Coleman was a Marine Corps aviator in World War II and Korea; Musial served in the Navy during World War II.
More than 1,700 who served in Congress enslaved Black people; this is who they were and how they shaped the nation
The link between race and political power in early America echoes in complicated ways, from the racial inequities that persist to this day to the polarizing fights over voting rights and the way history is taught in schools.
She’s a thrift store detective of sorts — she buys mementos and returns them to their rightful owners, free of charge
Chelsey Brown was at a Manhattan flea market last summer when she saw an old handwritten letter. On a whim, she decided, “I’m just going to buy this item for a dollar, take it home with me, and try to trace it.”
Refugees flee gunfire, 1968
South Vietnam, May 1968: Refugees flee gunfire and burning buildings near Tan Son Nhut air base on the outskirts of Saigon. South Vietnamese authorities said at noon on May 9 that about 46,000 people had taken refuge in central Saigon since the beginning of a Viet Cong offensive five days earlier; they estimated that another 14,000 would arrive by nightfall.
Sammy Davis Jr. in Vietnam, 1972
Long Binh, Vietnam, February 1972: Sammy Davis Jr. talks with one of the 15,000 service members who were on hand for his USO-sponsored show. Other performers included Davis’ wife, Altovise, and folk singer Lynn Kellogg.
Springsteen in Frankfurt, 1992
Frankfurt, Germany, June 25, 1992: Bruce Springsteen salutes his audience at the Frankfurt Festhalle. Springsteen entertained the capacity crowd of 12,000 for nearly three hours.