World's deepest shipwreck, the Sammy B, is discovered by explorers
The World War II destroyer escort USS Samuel B. Roberts, which sank in the 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf, was found off the Philippines.
Last Civil War veteran buried in Nebraska’s Polk County honored
Seventy-five years after his death, William H. Fetters will be recognized as the last Civil War veteran buried in Polk County as part of a statewide project.
Task Force Tarawa, 2003
Iraq, March 2003: Amid a gusting sandstorm, Marines fire 60mm mortars north of An Nasiriyah, Iraq. The Marines are part of Task Force Tarawa.
Grand opening, 1967
Tokyo, June 7, 1967: Maj. Gen. Lloyd E. Fellenz, commanding general, U.S. Army Japan. holds a giant printed balloon at the grand opening of the Sanno Pool at the Sanno military hotel.
Jack Lemmon in Germany, 1959
Frankfurt, Germany, 1959: Actor Jack Lemmon (top) and screenwriter I.A.L. Diamond walk up the steps to board the plane at Rhein-Main airport. They — together with director Billy Wilder — stopped over briefly at the Frankfurt airport en route from Berlin to Zurich, Switzerland, on a tour promoting their new movie “Some Like It Hot,” in which Lemmon co-stars with Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis.
Vintage land mine turns up on popular beach along Florida’s Treasure Coast 
Authorities resorted to creating a 600-foot safety perimeter and called bomb experts at Patrick Space Force Base to come get the heavily corroded device.
Governor calls for base closures as Okinawans mark 77th battle anniversary
The next generation must learn from the World War II generation before it passes on, Okinawa Gov. Denny Tamaki said during a ceremony commemorating the Battle of Okinawa.
101st Airborne Division on Hamburger Hill, 1969
Dong Ap Bia, Vietnam, Aug. 4, 1969: From left, Pvt. Ed Hayes, 28, and Pfc. Charles Dobard, 26, in front of a bunker fortification on top of Hill 937 of Dong Ap Bia, better known to Americans as Hamburger Hill.
Unknown soldier no more: World War I gravestone gets a name
A funeral ceremony was held for an English soldier who was killed in France in World War I, but whose remains were only identified a century later.
From the archives, 2004: Dji-where? US troops adjust to life in little-known country
Several of the more than 1,000 troops at Camp Lemonier say they didn’t know where Djibouti was, let alone what to expect there.
Orphanage groundbreaking in Afghanistan, 2005
Herat, Afghanistan, March 30, 2005: Girls from the local orphanage, dressed in traditional festive clothes, sing a song during a ground-breaking ceremony for a new girls’ orphanage.
Broadcasting from Incirlik Air Base, 1964
Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, July 7, 1964: Two unidentified personnel of Channel 3, AFTV at Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey, look through broadcast tapes in the station’s library.
Atop Nui Ba Den in Vietnam, 1969
Nui Ba Den, Vietnam, October 1969: Troops install RPG wire as a Huey helicopter takes off of the helipad behind them atop Nui Ba Den. The wire fragments enemy RPGs fired at bunkers and was installed all throughout the outpost.
Kentucky Supreme Court to review monument removal decision
While Friends of Louisville Public Art acknowledges Castleman's Confederate ties, they argue that he later renounced his allegiance to the Confederacy. Castleman later served as a brigadier general in the U.S. Army.
Black soldiers guarded confederate prisoners in Rock Island; one soldier’s descendant helps keep the history alive
For nine months during the Civil War, a regiment of Black soldiers guarded confederate prisoners on what is now the Rock Island Arsenal. For the past 30 years, Rock Island’s Shellie Moore Guy has been researching and accumulating history on those soldiers.
Navy destroyer bears name of decorated Marine killed in WWII
The future USS Basilone bears the name of a Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor before his death on Iwo Jima.
Moving an anti-aircraft weapon, 2005
Karmah, Iraq, April 30, 2005: Iraqi Security Forces from the 2nd Battalion, Muthanna Brigade, hoist a 23 mm anti-aircraft weapon unearthed in a yard on the grounds of the Ibraheen Ali Alhasoon Mosque in Karmah, Iraq.
Dutch prime minister apologizes to Srebrenica peacekeepers
Dutch military veterans, sent as UN peacekeepers to defend the Bosnian enclave of Srebrenica in 1995, have received an apology from Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte for being sent in with insufficient firepower and manpower to defend against the more heavily armed Bosnian Serb forces.
Crossing the Rhine, 1951
Germany, Oct. 7, 1951: Vehicles cross a pontoon bridge over the river Rhine on the second day of “Excercise Jupiter.”