Godzilla sighting, 1991
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 11, 1991: Children and adults alike do a double take as they see Godzilla burst onto the streets of Tokyo.
Olga San Juan in Germany, 1954
Frankfurt, Germany, Feb. 4, 1954: New York-born Puerto Rican actress, dancer and comedienne Olga San Juan jokes around with guests at the March of Dimes benefit held in the main ballroom of the casino in Frankfurt.
Pushups on the USS Bataan, 2001
USS Bataan, somewhere in the Arabian Sea, Nov. 30, 2001: Lance Cpl. Travis McKenzie, 19, of Quitman, Miss., does a pushup during early morning exercise aboard the USS Bataan.
Meeting the teacher, 1957
Chitose Dependent School, Chitose Air Base, Hokkaido, Japan, September 1957: Writing her name on the blackboard, Mrs. Jane Reed makes sure her fourth and fifth grade pupils will know exactly who she is.
A walk on the beach in Germany, 1976
Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany, August 1976: A tranquil scene late in the day on a beach in northern Germany.
Traversing the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan, 2001
On the road to Kabul, Afghanistan, November 2001: The Hindu Kush, one of the tallest mountain ranges in the world, divides Afghanistan like a jagged knife.
Stocking up on school supplies, 1962
Naha Air Base Exchange, Naha, Okinawa, Japan, August 1962: Mrs. Edward B. Dawson helps son Eddie and daughter Debbie stock up with school supplies and back-to-school clothes.
A helping hand amid the ruins in Afghanistan, 2002
Kabul, Afghanistan, Jan. 4, 2002: An elderly Afghan man guides a young child on the uneven road in front of a bombed out building in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Vatican Museum, 2005
Vatican City, Rome, Italy, Oct. 21, 2005: The spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum is a work of art in itself.
Incheon Harbor Patrol, 1958
Incheon harbor, Incheon, South Korea, September 1958: Some of the 8224th Military Police Detachment in Incheon, South Korea, have traded their Jeeps in for J boats to form the Incheon Harbor Patrol.
Builders in Bagram, 2002
Bagram, Afghanistan, June 21, 2002: A patchwork team of airmen, soldiers and civilians put the finishing touches on what will become the living quarters for the 82nd Airborne Division.
Rhein-Main Air Base bombing, 1985
Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, Aug. 8, 1985: Investigators sift through rubble and wrecked automobiles following a car-bomb explosion in a parking lot at Rhein-Main Air Base.
Itazuke Tower sign, 1971
Itazuke Air Base, Fukuoka, Japan, June 1971: The old Itazuke Tower sign gets a new paint job by an airman assigned to the southern Japan base.
Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, 2002
Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Jan. 22, 2002: 101st Airborne Division soldier Pvt. Sam Sherman shrugs off the cold inside his fighting position.
Tearing down Checkpoint Charlie, 1990
Berlin, Germany, June 22, 1990: Dignitaries stand in front of Checkpoint Charlie as the historic guard post is removed by a crane.
Writing home from South Korea, 1981
Yongsan Garrison, Seoul, South Korea, August 1981: Spc. 5 William Coe sits in a no parking zone as he writes a letter home.
Black Hawk maintenance, 2002
Bagram, Afghanistan, June 29, 2002: U.S. Army Spc. Jacob Bush of Company A, 101st Aviation Battalion “Comancheros” performs routine maintenance on a Black Hawk helicopter at Bagram Airfield.
Arriving at Rhein-Main Air Base, 1950
Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, Aug. 10, 1950: EUCOM personnel and their dependents debark from the Pan American clipper that brought a record passenger load from New York City to Rhein-Main airport.
USO tour to military hospitals, 1971
Akasaka Press Center, Tokyo, Japan, July 1971: A helicopter prepares to take off from the Akasaka Press Center helo pad in Tokyo for a visit to U.S. military hospitals in the Tokyo area.