Nixon and Marcos in Manila, 1969
Manila, Philippines, July 1969: President Richard Nixon and Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos wave to the crowd from atop the hood of their car.
Chicago Cubs manager Don Zimmer in Tokyo, 1990
Tokyo, November 1990: Chicago Cubs manager Don Zimmer watches batting practice at the start of an eight-game Super Major Series against the Japanese all-stars.
Beneath the bandstand, 1953
Luxembourg, April 1953: Of the 100,000 people who turned out in the rain to watch the wedding parade of Prince Jean of Luxembourg and Princess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium, these three may have had the best and driest vantage point on the route ... as long as the band stayed away from foot-stomping music.
Church of St. Peter the Martyr, 1961
Spain, March 1961: Father Santos Galinda climbs a stairway in the general direction of heaven in the courtyard of the new Church of St. Peter the Martyr, overlooking the U.S. Air Force’s Royal Oaks housing area near Madrid.
The Who on tour, 1972
Frankfurt, Germany 1972: Drummer Keith Moon of The Who signs an autograph during the band’s stop in Frankfurt on a European tour.
Introducing Jackson Browne, 1948
Germany, 1948: Jack Browne, who worked for Stars and Stripes in several capacities in both the Pacific and European theaters over the years, holds his son, Clyde Jackson Browne. The baby’s big sister, Roberta, seems equally pleased with the new arrival. Jackson Browne grew up to become one of the most successful American singer-songwriters from the late 1960s into the new millennium.
Miracle on Ice, 1980
Lake Placid, N.Y., 1980: As U.S. players celebrate their victory over the Soviet Union in the famous “Miracle on Ice” game in the 1980 Olympics, two American fans carry the colors across the ice.
A call for help, 1966
Near Pleiku, South Vietnam, July 1966: A radioman for a 25th Infantry Division squad under Viet Cong fire calls for help from another unit.
Ronstadt and Taylor in Tokyo, 1981
Tokyo, September 1981: Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor share a laugh at a press conference before their show in Yokohama. Sharing the stage with the 1970s pop music icons during the Japan tour was singer-songwriter J.D. Souther.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1949
Frankfurt, West Germany, July 1949: The Joint Chiefs of Staff are welcomed to Rhein-Main Air Force Base after arriving on the "Independence," President Harry S Truman's private plane.