Traffic jam on the autobahn, 1956
Germany, August 1956: The German word for a traffic jam is stau, but drivers caught in this 8-mile-long mess on the Frankfurt-Darmstadt autobahn probably used some much more colorful language to describe it. The midsummer nightmare was caused by construction that caused the blocking off of a section of the southbound lane.
Frank Sinatra, 1951
Wiesbaden, West Germany, December 1951: Frank Sinatra performs during the Hollywood “Surprise Package” show at the Camp Lindsey gymnasium. In addition to Sinatra and his wife, Ava Gardner, those on hand for the event — one of several scheduled on a tour of U.S. bases in Germany — included another husband-and-wife team, actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, and actress Rhonda Fleming.
Thomas Dewey, 1949
Frankfurt, Germany, May 1949: New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey leaves the airport for a hotel during an overnight stopover on the way to Berlin. Dewey, the Republican nominee for president in 1944 and 1948, praised the Berlin airlift as “one of the great achievements of the century, commanding the unlimited admiration of the entire world.”
Under fire in Iraq, 2003
Fallujah, Iraq, September 2003: Soldiers scramble into position as rounds come in just minutes after Company B troops left Forward Operating Base Mercury. The shooters melted into the night before soldiers could return fire or capture them.
Supersonic Sam’s Unscheduled Airline, 1962
Soc Trang, South Vietnam, July 1962: Enlisted crew members of “Supersonic Sam’s Unscheduled Airline” pitch in to change a propeller on their single R5D transport plane.
A faithful friend in Baghdad, 2003
Baghdad, December 2003: Near the Palestine Hotel, Staff Sgt. Tim Litwin, 38, of Paris, Tenn., pets Lucy, a dog who’s been a constant companion to U.S. troops ever since the fall of the city months earlier.
Mail call, 2004
Baghdad, Iraq, June 2004: The mail brought a Father’s Day card for Master Sgt. Scott Toy of the Mannheim, Germany-based 95th Military Police Battalion.
Robert Mitchum in Greece, 1958
Athens, Greece, June 1958: 5-year-old Glenn Ross, son of Sgt. 1st Class Bill Ross from the finance section of the Joint US Military Advisory Group, talks with Robert Mitchum after asking for an autograph. The actor was in Athens to film “The Angry Hills,” a story about Greek resistance during World War II.
Getting a better view, 1966
Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam, December 1966: A light post adjacent to the stage provides an ideal vantage point for troops watching Bob Hope and Phyllis Diller during Hope’s annual Christmas tour of the Far East.
Explosion in Saigon, 1965
Saigon, South Vietnam, December 1965: An American service member is interviewed by a CBS news team in front of the Metropole Hotel hours after a truck bomb exploded outside the building, which served as a bachelor enlisted men’s quarters for the U.S. military. Eight Vietnamese, one U.S. Marine and a soldier from New Zealand were killed in the early morning blast that also injured more than 175 people, including 72 Americans.