Billy Mills wins gold in Tokyo, 1964
Tokyo, Japan, October, 1964: U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Billy Mills waves to photographers after what may have been the biggest upset of the 1964 Olympics, his record-setting triumph in the 10,000-meter race. Mills, an Oglala Lakota American Indian, grew up on the Pine Ridge reservation and attended the University of Kansas. He is now the national spokesperson for Running Strong for American Indian Youth, a wide-ranging charitable organization.
Kissinger in his hometown, 1975
Fürth, Germany, December, 1975: With his parents at his side, Henry Kissinger waves to the crowd gathered in his hometown for a ceremony at which he was presented with Fürth’s Golden Citizen’s Medallion.
Robert Plant on stage, 1970
Frankfurt, Germany, July, 1970: Singer Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, during a show at Frankfurt’s Festhalle.
Taylor and McAuliffe in Germany, 1956
Frankfurt, Germany, April, 1956: Two of the legendary military figures of World War II are reunited at the Rhein-Main airport. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, Army chief of staff (left), was welcomed by Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe, USAREUR commander-in-chief. Both men parachuted into Normandy in advance of the D-Day landing and guided the 101st Airborne Division toward Germany.
Break time for Peter Sellers, 1965
Sant’ Angelo, Ischia, Italy, July, 1965: Actor Peter Sellers takes a break during the filming of “After the Fox,” a comedy that also featured Britt Eklund (aka Mrs. Sellers) and Victor Mature.
Protests in Japan, 1971
Narita, Japan, February 1971: Radical students peer out from a makeshift fort at the site of the new Tokyo International Airport. The protesters, most of them from the Revolutionary Marxist Students League (Chukaku), clashed with hundreds of national and prefectural police officers and airport corporation security guards for several days as they attempted to stall construction.
Jesse Owens returns to Germany, 1963
Frankfurt, West Germany, February, 1963: Jesse Owens is pictured during during an interview with Stars and Stripes. A previous visit to Germany, in 1936, was a high point in the career of the track and field legend, who publicly shredded Adolf Hitler’s claims of Aryan superiority by winning four gold medals, breaking two world records, tying another and teaming up for a gold in the 4x100-meter relay at the Berlin Olympics.
Driving in the desert, 1991
Middle East, 1991: An American Humvee moves through the sand during Operation Desert Storm, the liberation of Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces.
Marines catching Z’s, 1956
China Sea, April 1956: U.S. Marines in sleeping bags catch a night’s sleep on the crowded hangar deck of the USS Princeton on the way to Thailand for “Operation Firm Link,” an exercise designed to show how quickly and effectively members of the SEATO nations could act in time of emergency.
War games in Hohenfels, 1956
Hohenfels, Germany, May 1956: A soldier peers out from a camouflaged tank during war games at the U.S. training area at Hohenfels. The troops were divided into “aggressor” and “defender” forces as they worked out a problem under the watchful eyes of a group of umpires.