Broadcasting from Incirlik Air Base, 1964
Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, July 7, 1964: Two unidentified personnel of Channel 3, AFTV at Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey, look through broadcast tapes in the station’s library.
Atop Nui Ba Den in Vietnam, 1969
Nui Ba Den, Vietnam, October 1969: Troops install RPG wire as a Huey helicopter takes off of the helipad behind them atop Nui Ba Den. The wire fragments enemy RPGs fired at bunkers and was installed all throughout the outpost.
Moving an anti-aircraft weapon, 2005
Karmah, Iraq, April 30, 2005: Iraqi Security Forces from the 2nd Battalion, Muthanna Brigade, hoist a 23 mm anti-aircraft weapon unearthed in a yard on the grounds of the Ibraheen Ali Alhasoon Mosque in Karmah, Iraq.
Crossing the Rhine, 1951
Germany, Oct. 7, 1951: Vehicles cross a pontoon bridge over the river Rhine on the second day of “Excercise Jupiter.”
Patrolling the streets of Busan, 1957
Busan, South Korea, Sept. 8, 1957: Sgt. James D. Rancourt drives his military police jeep through the busy streets of Busan, South Korea.
On the ground in Afghanistan, 2011
Afghanistan, October 2011: Staff Sgt. Donald Thompson of Company F, 4th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 159th Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, gives a thumbs up to a Black Hawk pilot after being dropped into the Registan Desert for a mission in Kandahar province, Afghanistan.
Errol Flynn arrives in Germany, 1954
Rhein-Main Airport, Germany, Feb. 4, 1954: Actor Errol Flynn greets gathered journalists, photographers and onlookers on the tarmac at Rhein-Main Airport.
4th Missile Command in South Korea, 1959
Camp Page, South Korea, Feb. 20, 1959: Army PFC Steve Garniss with Hq. Co. of the U.S. Army 4th Missile Command in Korea peers at an aerial photo map as SP4 John Pearce looks over his shoulder.
Dwight D. Eisenhower in Taiwan, 1960
Taipei International Airport, Taiwan, June 20, 1960: President Dwight D. Eisenhower waves farewell at Taipei International Airport after a two-day visit to Taiwan.
On patrol in Fallujah, 2003
Fallujah, Iraq, September 2003: Second Lt. John Bradley takes his position as rounds come in just minutes after his unit left a base in Iraq.
Lana Turner on tour in Germany, 1948
Frankfurt, Germany, June 1948: Lana Turner and her new husband, tin-plate heir Henry (Bob) Topping, are being assisted by an American military official at the Frankfurt train station.
121st Evacuation Hospital, 1957
South Korea, August 1957: Minor surgery is performed by (L to R) Sgt. 1st Class Raymond McConnell, Capt. Hannah Tussey, Capt. Franz Pualwan. The 121st Evacuation Hospital in South Korea — commanded by Maj. Thomas G. Nelson — admits nearly 700 patients a month through its doors for resident treatment.
Marines headed for Afghanistan, 2001
The Arabian Sea, Dec. 1, 2001: A Landing Craft Air Cushion backs out of the USS Bataan, loaded with Marines headed for Afghanistan.
Composer Dimitri Shostakovich in Germany, 1949
Rhein Main Airport, Germany, March 22, 1949: Russian composer and pianist Dimitri Shostakovich (center, with glasses) is surrounded by reporters and photographers at Rhein Main Airport.
Operation Market Sweep, 2003
Baghdad, Iraq, June 12, 2003: Spc. Tim Reimer, left, and Sgt Jacob Colson of F Troop, Brigade Reconnaissance Team, 1st Cavalry, keep watch on a major Baghdad intersection during “Operation Market Sweep.”
Ice cream vendor at the Saigon Zoo, 1971
Saigon, Vietnam, May 3, 1971: An ice cream vendor uses her head at the Saigon Zoo.
Villager in Afghanistan, 2002
Syansang, Afghanistan, July 4, 2002: An Afghan villager in Syansang, Afghanistan, with a rocket propelled grenade.
President Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II in England, 1982
Windsor, England, June 1982: President Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II, first lady Nancy Reagan and Prince Philip pose for photographers at Windsor Castle.
Frankfurt High School graduation, 1949
Frankfurt, Germany, June 8, 1949: Frankfurt High School’s 33 seniors, along with the lone senior from Berlin High School, take part in their graduation ceremony.