Christmas Cavalcade in Germany, 1948
Wiesbaden, Germany, December 1948: Among the many celebrities on hand for the 1948 Christmas Cavalcade tour of U.S. bases in Europe were organizer Bob Hope, actress Irene Ryan (later known as Granny Clampett in the “Beverly Hillbillies” TV show) and World War II Medal of Honor recipient Gen. Jimmy Doolittle.
Obama’s inaugural concert, 2009
Washington, D.C., January 2009: Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen, backed by a choir, perform at soon-to-be President Barack Obama’s inaugural concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
John Canley receives the Medal of Honor, 2018
Washington, D.C., Oct. 17, 2018: Retired Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. John L. Canley is awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the brutal Battle of Hue during the Vietnam War.
Racing legend Stirling Moss, 1965
Frankfurt, West Germany, December 1965: Auto-racing legend Stirling Moss gets kisses from a couple of flight attendants after arriving at the Frankfurt airport. Moss won 212 races of all kinds in his career, which began in 1948 and ended with a 1962 crash that left him in a coma for six months. Sixteen of his wins were in Formula One Grand Prix events.
Basketball in Beirut, 1983
Beirut, Lebanon, February 1983: U.S. Marines guarding the perimeter of Beirut International Airport take time out for a basketball game.
Redstone missile exercise, 1962
Stuttgart, Germany, July 1962: A crew member handles the liquid oxygen line to a Redstone missile during an exercise at Panzer Kasern in Stuttgart. The dependable 70-foot Redstone, added to the USAREUR arsenal in 1958, had a range of up to 200 miles; it was also the vehicle used for the first two American manned spaceflights.
Dean Smith and Bob Cousy, 1955
Mannheim, Germany, September 1955: Bob Cousy, right, takes a shot as Fuerstenfeldbruck player (and future University of North Carolina coaching legend) Dean Smith defends during the 1955 USAFE basketball clinic. According to a Stripes report about the clinic, Cousy’s “dribbling exploits while demonstrating maneuvers here have several times brought forth spontaneous applause from the USAFE, Army and NATO coaches.”
Ready for a test fire, 1959
South Korea, February 1959: First Lt. Frank M. Powell, right, an Honest John battery commander with the U.S. 4th Missile Command, watches as a crewman carefully readies a rocket for a test firing.
Search in Mosul, 2004
Mosul, Iraq, October 2004: Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment stand vigilant during an early-morning search of a neighborhood in Mosul.
Sea turtles on Torii Beach, 2002
Torii Station, Okinawa, August 2002: Lifeguard Mayo Miyazato and her 10-year-old son, Zen, release 19 baby sea turtles they found scampering across Torii Beach. After keeping the turtles safe in an aquarium for a few hours, Torii personnel released the turtles during high tide to allow them easy access to the ocean without having to crawl over the reef in low tide.
Christening the USS Ronald Reagan, 2001
Newport News, Va., March 2001: With a firm, two-handed grip, former first lady Nancy Reagan smashes the ceremonial bottle of champagne against the hull of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier christened in the name of her husband, Ronald Reagan. The ceremony, attended by President George W. Bush, was held on the couple’s 49th wedding anniversary at Nancy Reagan’s request.
Resting their weary feet, 1974
South Korea, 1974: Sgt. Kenneth L. Simons, right, and Sgt. Marvin Perham, with the 3rd Security Police squadron at Kunsan Air Force Base, rest their weary feet after completing a 20-mile walk-a-thon to raise money for the Sam Sung Orphanage.
Memorial dedication in France, 2000
Olizy, France, November 2000: American World War II veterans John Lindsey, Blanche Scherbarth and Art Scherbarth take part in a memorial dedication ceremony for 1st Lt. Richard Noble, who was executed after being captured by the Nazis in 1944.
Night landings, 2000
Misawa Air Base, Japan, September 2000: A four-minute time exposure captures multiple approaches of Navy aircraft conducting night landing practice as they aim for the east end of the Misawa Air Base runway. City lights from Misawa, adjacent to the base, are visible at left.
Live fire exercise in Kuwait, 2001
Kuwait, February 2001: A Bradley Fighting Vehicle sits in the desert during a live fire exercise about 12 miles from the Iraqi border.
Taking flight in Japan, 2001
Japan, March 2001: A Japanese Kite, a type of hawk, soars in morning fog over Magi Pond at Shimoda, a community near Misawa Air Base. Warm air from the south flowing over northern Honshu’s snow-covered landscape created the foggy conditions.
Wildcats on defense in Italy, 2000
Naples, Italy, September 2000: Naples Wildcats’ defensive back Joel Reid (2) blocks a punt attempt by the Vicenza Cougars’ Andy Alvarez during the first quarter of a Division III high school game.
Dennis Haskins in Kosovo, 2000
Camp Monteith, Kosovo, November 2000: Dennis Haskins, who played Principal Belding for 12 years on the “Saved By The Bell” TV series, greets soldiers at the Camp Monteith dining facility.
F-15 Eagle takes flight, 1991
Saudi Arabia, January 1991: An F-15 Eagle from Bitburg Air Base, Germany, takes off from a base in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.