Game of the week

By Published: October 19, 2017


Wiesbaden at Ramstein

Evenly-matched and unpredictable, the meeting between the rival Warriors and Royals neatly encapsulates the state of DODEA-Europe Division I girls volleyball.
The Royals are among three teams to enter the weekend with just one divisional loss. They’re joined by Italian powerhouse Naples and defending championship Stuttgart, which took its first loss just last weekend.
The Warriors are one of three teams with just two divisional losses, alongside Lakenheath and Vicenza. Lakenheath was responsible for Stuttgart’s only loss to date last Saturday, but Wiesbaden forced Lakenheath to settle for a 1-1 weekend with a three-set sweep of the Lancers that same day.
Expect a well-played match between the Royals and Warriors similar to Ramstein’s four-set defeat of Wiesbaden in their Sept. 9 season opener. And expect a lot more similar clashes in the coming weeks as the division’s parity sorts itself out ahead of the Nov. 4 European championship match.

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