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By Published: April 27, 2017

Track and field

Lakenheath, Brussels, Alconbury, SHAPE, Ramstein, Bitburg, Baumholder, Rota at Kaiserslautern

Stuttgart has been the proverbial Achilles’ heel for Kaiserslautern girls track throughout the young spring season, beating out the runner-up Raiders by just over 20 points in meets on April 15 and April 22.
With that in mind, this weekend’s meet brings cause to celebrate for two reasons: it’s location on Kaiserslautern home turf, and the absence of those pesky Panthers.
That’s not to say victory will come easily. Ramstein has the depth to rival the Raiders at every turn, while entries from the seven other visiting schools could supplant the Raiders and Royals in individual events and swing the points battle between the field’s two largest schools.
All of that poses a significant challenge for the Raiders. But at least it’s a new one.


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