Enjoy frozen beer gelato at Westland Farm near Yokota

Westland Farm in western Tokyo offers a variety of unique gelato flavor options, including beer sorbet, for those of legal drinking age in Japan.


By ERICA EARL | Stars and Stripes | Published: September 17, 2020

You can find a slice of farm life nestled in the Nishitama district of western Tokyo, not far from Yokota Air Base and the home of U.S. Forces Japan.

Situated among small patches of pastures is Westland Farm, a quaint gelato spot that is popular among both locals and visitors. The stop has the feel of a country roadside attraction, complete with its own dairy farm.

Westland Farm has the comforting call of the simple life, with goats baaing and cows lined up in their stalls. But the atmosphere isn’t the only thing delighting customers. The shop has some unique flavor offerings, including beer gelato.

The frozen beer confection bears a label advising customers not to eat it if they are driving, and anyone under the age of 20, the legal drinking age in Japan, cannot order the treat.

For me, the warning label made the selection even more enticing.

The flavor tastes like a sweet cream soda with the aftertaste of a light, bready beer and is a refreshing choice for a hot and humid summer day. It’s effervescent and bubbles a little on the tongue. While surprisingly creamy and delicious, the flavor can get a little strong as you eat it. The one-scoop option is perfect.

The beer gelato is made from Asahi Super Dry, a crisp and dry Japanese rice lager, and is under 2.5% alcohol.

For less malty picks, the matcha green tea and mango flavors are also refreshing.

Westland Farms does not allow any indoor seating but has a covered patio area outside. You can also roam the grounds with your treat and look at the animals. Just be aware that the unmistakable farm smell of cow manure wafts throughout the property.

I would recommend eating the airy gelato out of a cup rather than a cone, especially the beer flavor option, which is pleasant to sip as it starts to melt.

To avoid the long weekend lines that often wrap around the side of the small shop and trail into the parking lot, try to visit on a weekday afternoon.

Prices are 300 yen, or about $2.80, for a single scoop and between 400-500 yen for a double scoop, flavor depending.

The shop is cash only.

Twitter: @thisearlgirl

Location: 353-3 Nagaokahasebe, Mizuho, Nishitama District, Tokyo 190-1231

Directions: From the main gate on Yokota Air Base, turn right onto Route 16, drive for 4.1 miles, then turn left onto Route 44. Westland Farm will be about a half-mile on the left. Look for the banners and cow statues. The Google Plus code is Q8PJ+C2 Mizuho, Tokyo

Hours: Open daily, except Wednesdays, 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Prices: 300-500 yen per serving

Information: westlandfarm.tokyo

Westland Farm is a small but popular gelato shop with its own on-property dairy farm in western Tokyo.