Biden signs $847B defense bill, boosting Pentagon funds, troop pay and ending COVID vaccine mandate
President Joe Biden signed into law the $847 billion defense policy bill, which will give U.S. service members their largest raise in decades and end the Pentagon’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.
COVID-19 surge hits Shanghai with crowded hospitals, empty streets
Shanghai hospitals are struggling to cope with the numbers of infected patients, pharmacies are turning customers away empty-handed.
Researchers may have cracked why some people have long-term smell loss from COVID-19
Most people who lose their sense of smell from a COVID infection recover within a few weeks. But an unlucky minority of the population — about 5% according to one study — experience smell and taste loss months or years after their initial infection.
Head of troubled NJ veterans’ home is out amid reports of serious violations
The chief executive officer of the troubled New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park is out of her job, in the wake of findings of major health and safety violations.
Health experts are split on who should get COVID booster shots and when
After giving almost unanimous support to U.S. booster shot guidance a year ago, health experts are now split over when people should get them and who will actually benefit.
Reports of Beijing COVID deaths fuel speculation China covering up data
It's becoming increasingly hard to get a handle on the scale of China's COVID onslaught, with the country last week halting reporting of asymptomatic cases, which typically made up the bulk of the infection tally.
COVID unleashed in Beijing shows rest of China what's next
Bucking expectations for a managed and gradual transition, China is now allowing the coronavirus to run rampant. As a result, Beijing's rapidly spreading COVID outbreak has turned the Chinese capital of 22 million people into a virtual ghost town.
Post-pandemic, CDC faces ‘uphill battle’ for backing in new Congress
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky argues that in order to make her agency more effective, it needs expanded authorities and capabilities. But congressional Republicans say they want more oversight.
As infections rise, China stops counting asymptomatic cases
China has pivoted from its “zero covid” policy, which included centralized coronavirus testing, raising fears it is missing the scope of the new surge in cases.
Long COVID can be deadly, CDC study finds
More than 3,500 Americans have died of long COVID-related illness in the first 30 months of the pandemic, according to a death certificate analysis by the CDC.
They were expelled from the military for refusing the COVID vaccine; can they get back in?
The White House and the Pentagon have pointed out that each of the service members discharged had willfully disregarded a direct order. They contend that behavior can’t be tolerated in the armed forces.
Air Force Materiel Command’s top general directs supervisors to get workers back to the office
The direction to supervisors is to use telework only to the extent that mission needs allow, Gen. Duke Z. Richardson said in an email accompanying a memo recently distributed across the command from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
House approves bill rolling back coronavirus vaccine mandate, setting 2023 defense priorities
Two-thirds of the House, 350-80, voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, an annual must-pass legislation that outlines priorities for the Pentagon and other agencies involved in defense.
FDA authorizes updated coronavirus shots for young children
The youngest Americans will have access to variant-targeting boosters already available to older children and adults.
Rollback of COVID-19 vaccine mandate met with frustration at Pentagon
The rollback comes despite opposition from President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who characterized the vaccine mandate as a way of protecting troops from Covid-19 and preventing sprawling outbreaks that sideline entire units, undermine the military’s readiness and endanger national security.
China eases curbs in major shift from COVID zero policy
China moved definitively away from its long-held COVID zero approach Wednesday, easing a range of restrictions that it has persisted with way after the rest of the world moved on to living with the virus.
Congress agrees to scrap military coronavirus vaccine mandate, advances largest troop pay increase in 20 years
Lawmakers in Congress agreed to scrap the military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate in a compromise defense policy bill that also boosts pay for troops.
Final NDAA expected to rescind Pentagon vaccine mandate
The final version of the fiscal 2023 defense authorization bill is likely to rescind Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III’s August 2021 memo ordering COVID-19 vaccines for most troops.
US won't back 2022 patent waivers for COVID tests and treatments
The U.S. won't agree to waive intellectual-property protections for COVID-19 treatments and tests this year — aligning with developed-nation peers and delaying prospects for a World Trade Organization accord aimed at boosting global access to life-saving medicines.