California’s ‘tripledemic’ of viruses is on the rise. Here’s how to care for a sick loved one
Trying to avert a heavy surge in respiratory illnesses, California’s leading public health officials once again stressed on Tuesday that state residents should do all they can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the flu and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, as they gather for the holidays.
Coronavirus variants are dodging antibody treatments, but new lab-made options may help
Lab-made therapies are rapidly losing their healing power, forcing researchers around the world to devise new antibodies that are both more potent and more resistant to new variants.
RSV, flu, COVID and staffing shortages push some hospitals to capacity
Hospitals across the United States are overwhelmed, and experts believe conditions will deteriorate in coming months.
FEMA grants $5 million to National Guard for COVID work at Holyoke Soldiers Home
FEMA will grant the Massachusetts National Guard more than $5 million for the cost of providing medical staff and setting up temporary hospitals to handle COVID patients between March and September 2020.
Chinese cities struggle to recover after Covid curbs ease
China may have significantly eased the way it responds to Covid outbreaks, but some major cities still barely move when the virus is spreading.
COVID swindlers extradited from Montenegro to US in $18M scam
A pair of convicts who escaped to a European life of luxury under fake names, after running a pandemic fraud ring, have been extradited from Montenegro to the U.S. With six accomplices, they applied for 151 loans using fictitious payrolls and forged tax returns to secure loans in a scam that yielded $18M.
COVID’s mutations leave doctors with far fewer antibody drugs to treat virus
With each new round of mutations, various antibody drugs have been pulled off the market. And with very little progress in drug development, it’s quite possible doctors will soon have none to choose from.
Feds threaten to cut funding to NJ veterans home after report details medical errors
The drastic sanctions — coming after inspectors cited Menlo Park in Edison earlier this month for putting some of its residents in “immediate jeopardy” following charges of improper care and abuse — could force a shutdown of a 312-bed nursing home that cares for military veterans and their spouses.
White House to seek more COVID funding in lame-duck session
Biden officials are finalizing a request for about $10 billion in additional public health funds by year's end.
Moderna's bivalent shot boosts antibodies against latest omicron strains in trial
Moderna's booster shot of its bivalent vaccine sharply increased antibody levels against recent COVID strains when compared to a fourth dose of its original immunization.
A cruise ship with 800 COVID cases docks in Australia
A massive cruise ship carrying some 800 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus docked in downtown Sydney on Saturday, triggering memories of a deadly ship-related outbreak in Australia's largest city in the early, pre-vaccine days of the pandemic.
China says it's refining COVID-19 rules, not relaxing controls
China's top health officials said a sweeping overhaul to its COVID Zero playbook was a refinement of rules and not a relaxation of controls, dismissing interpretations that the changes were a step toward living with the virus.
People with long COVID face barriers to government disability benefits
People are facing yearslong wait times, insufficient legal support, and a lack of clear guidance on how to prove they are disabled — compounded by the challenges of a medical system that does not have a uniform process for diagnosing long COVID.
COVID hospitalizations are rising in kids under 6 months, CDC director Walensky says
The infectious disease expert said that in recent months, children younger than 6 months old have faced the second-highest rate of hospitalization across all age groups, trailing only behind those ages 65 and up.
Pfizer’s Paxlovid antiviral drug lowered risk of long COVID symptoms in study
Taking Pfizer’s Paxlovid antiviral drug within five days of testing positive for a SARS-CoV-2 infection was linked to a 26% lower risk of lingering post-viral complications, researchers with the Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System said in the study.
A 'tripledemic' of flu, RSV and COVID is feared in California
A confluence of respiratory illnesses has some California officials warning of a possible triple threat that could strain health care systems.
UK researchers claim to cure man who had coronavirus infection for more than 400 days
Researchers used genetic sequencing to find a treatment for the patient, who suffered a chronic coronavirus infection, testing positive for more than a year.
Anthony Fauci looks at a portrait of himself, and sees the future
A new artwork in the National Portrait Gallery reveals Anthony Fauci’s career, his legacy and “how complicated it all was,” he says.
Are the unvaccinated still a danger to the rest of us?
For almost two years, COVID-19 vaccine holdouts have been the objects of earnest pleading and financial inducements, of social-media shaming and truth campaigns. Now the unvaccinated are suddenly back in the mix.