Californians working while sick with COVID-19, fooled by mild symptoms
It has long been known that people experiencing mild or no symptoms can spread the coronavirus to others. But health experts are now noting that more people who are experiencing very mild illness are working anyway — exacerbating the transmission risk.
Air Force offers new COVID-19 shot in Germany, giving those with ethical qualms another option
Americans stationed in Germany have a new COVID-19 immunization option: the Novavax vaccine.
COVID-19 cases and deaths drop worldwide, though WHO warns decline in surveillance could be factor
Confirmed coronavirus cases fell by 15% worldwide over the past week and new infections declined by 9%, the World Health Organization says.
Wastewater surveillance has become a critical COVID-19 tracking tool, but funding is inconsistent
Even though wastewater surveillance is proving to be the most accurate and economical way to gauge COVID-19 activity in communities across the country, funding for this type of tracking hasn’t been consistent.
Fauci expected COVID to be 'behind us' after Biden's first year
The U.S. needs to learn the lessons of COVID to be ready for future outbreaks, Anthony Fauci said.
Omicron's rapid changes impaired vaccine effectiveness, CDC says
Almost 40% of people hospitalized in the U.S. with the COVID subvariant that circulated this spring were vaccinated and boosted.
Millions in COVID aid went to retrain veterans; only 397 landed jobs
The $386 million Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program — part of the American Rescue Plan — fell victim to a host of problems: hasty design, poor timing, and inadequate promotion and misuse of VA money.
Life expectancy in US dropped by nearly 2 years in 2020, CDC says
Life expectancy dropped in 2020 by nearly two years across the United States — mostly due to COVID-19 and drug overdoses, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Status hearing set for Japan-based Marine who refused COVID-19 vaccine
The Marine Corps next month plans to “assess the status” of the case against Lance Cpl. Catherine Arnett, who faces court-martial on charges linked to her refusal of a COVID-19 vaccine.
IRS will wipe away $1.2 billion in late fees from pandemic
The IRS estimates that nearly 1.6 million taxpayers will receive more than $1.2 billion worth of penalty relief.
Trump administration sought to pressure FDA on COVID vaccines and treatment, House panel concludes
The report offers new details on contemporaneous reports about the Trump White House’s efforts to sway the FDA in the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.
Japan’s COVID-19 testing requirement will end for fully vaccinated travelers on Sept. 7
Japan plans to drop its requirement that arriving, vaccinated international travelers show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, even as the country is posting record-high levels of the respiratory disease.
NJ will assess its response to COVID, Murphy says, but sets no time frame for review
Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday reiterated his long-standing promise that New Jersey will conduct a review of the state’s response to COVID-19, including how it handled the crisis in long-term care facilities — yet he said he still does not have a time frame for when that will happen.
Federal court order in COVID-19 vaccine case delays court-martial for Japan-based Marine
A federal judge’s order in Florida means an indefinite trial delay for a Japan-based Marine who allegedly skipped two flights stateside to face discharge for refusing a COVID-19 vaccine.
Lies about deaths, orders not to wear masks: Lawsuits offer look at chaos in NJ veterans homes as COVID soared
Employees of the troubled veterans home at Menlo Park, N.J., have filed lawsuits alleging the state, the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, the governor’s office, and administrators of the state-operated nursing home needlessly put them in harm’s way as COVID struck.
Cognitive rehab may help older adults clear COVID-related brain fog
Cognitive rehabilitation is therapy for people whose brains have been injured by concussions, traumatic accidents, strokes or neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson's disease. Some medical centers are offering cognitive rehabilitation to patients with long COVID.
COVID-19 concerns wane as DOD students worldwide go back to class
Students at Department of Defense Education Activity schools around the world started a new school year Monday as the COVID-19 pandemic faded into the scholastic background.
Many colleges ease mask rules in third year of coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus rules are tighter at some colleges and looser in others. But the goals remain the same: Contain the lingering threat of covid. Keep classes running and students enrolled.
Many more children have had COVID-19 than you might think
With so many people using at-home COVID-19 tests, if they're testing at all, experts acknowledged long ago that the true number of cases is higher than what is officially reported. New CDC data suggest that among children, the true number is a lot higher.