Trudy Rubin

Trudy Rubin is a columnist and editorial-board member for the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Over the past decade she has made multiple trips to Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and the West Bank and also written from Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and China.

Bad idea to declare peace on Korean Peninsula

President Donald Trump looks eager to overrule his top advisers who warn of the risks of declaring peace before North Korea gets serious about eliminating its nuclear arsenal.

Cold War, World War III unlikely, but Russian experts disagree on Putin's foreign-policy plan

Is the United States embroiled in a new Cold War with Russia? On the verge of WWIII? As Washington imposes new economic sanctions on Moscow and the two countries barely missed a confrontation in Syria, these questions are being debated as hotly in Russia as in America.