Leonid Bershidsky

Leonid Bershidsky, a Bloomberg View contributor, is a Berlin-based writer. He was the founding editor of the Russian business daily Vedomosti and founded the opinion website Slon.ru.

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Europe won’t rally around sanctions on Iran

Trump’s attitude toward Europe is clear: He considers the European Union a collection of puffed-up small countries dependent on the U.S. for economic survival and military protection.

UK’s ‘fusion strategy’ warfare doctrine looks familiar

Modern warfare is, in part, about marketing. So, in its National Security Capability Review, the British government chose a glitzy, tech-sounded new-age name: “fusion strategy.” That may have part been to avoid the term “hybrid warfare” often applied to today’s Russian warfighting. The difference is subtle but important.

Maybe the free world doesn’t need a leader

Who is the leader of the free world? Important as the question sounds, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s better left unanswered.