Kathleen Parker

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What to my wondering ears did Mitch say?

In the future, McConnell’s stand surely will make a difference for other women who fear they will not be believed in similar circumstances.

Last Nov. 8, voters channeled Mama Lucy

Trump’s small- and midsized-town “rural” voters were regular, God-fearing folks who were sick of Washington, distrustful of liberal policies, and fed up with elites, including many in the media, who couldn’t see them except down their noses.

Harassment claims have a Clinton connection

Had the Clintons played their cards differently, our country might have become less coarse, and our infantile impulsiveness less pronounced.


Getting the name right shows respect

There’s a reason the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is so effective as a monument. All 58,000 men who were killed or went missing are listed, made profoundly real and emotionally staggering by their names.