Kathleen Parker

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Don’t reverse the gains of women in the military

The fact is, our military readiness has improved by giving every qualified individual the opportunity to serve.

Yes, Virginia, the cotton incident is offensive

It’s probably fair to say that Virginia first lady Pam Northam was trying to demonstrate and encourage empathy for the slaves. But what about for those present?

Does a universal draft make sense for our security?

This entire debate isn’t really about military preparedness but is about social engineering — changing the way people perceive things so that they can be arranged according to the designs of a relatively very few.


Our political identity must be American first

Today, we have sunk to a level of tribalism that would seem to predate the modern era.


Teen-drummer DC staredown exposes the narrative fallacy

All things considered, this potentially combustible situation was relatively innocuous compared with what transpired afterward via social and other media.