George F. Will

George F. Will is one of the most widely recognized, and widely read, writers in the world. He is a political commentator on Fox, and his column, syndicated by The Washington Post Writers Group, appears in 450 newspapers.

A war without an objective, 6,000 days in

America went to war in Afghanistan because that not-really-governed nation was the safe haven from which al-Qaida planned the 9/11 attacks. It was not mission creep but mission gallop that turned the intervention into a war against the Taliban who had provided, or at least not prevented, the safe haven.

Lobbying for an end to coerced union fees

Because government is both employer and policymaker, collective bargaining by the union is inherently political advocacy and indistinguishable from lobbying.

Now we have snakes on a plane for emotional support

The proliferation of emotional-support animals suggests that a cult of personal fragility is becoming an aspect of the quest for the coveted status of victim.


Frederick Douglass, champion of American individualism

This February, remember him, the first African-American to attain historic stature.