George F. Will

George F. Will is one of the most widely recognized, and widely read, writers in the world. He is a political commentator on Fox, and his column, syndicated by The Washington Post Writers Group, appears in 450 newspapers.

Klobuchar may be best equipped to defeat Trump

The Minnesota senator is the potential top-tier candidate most apt to resist forfeiting the general election while winning the Democratic nomination.

Dems have their Thatcher in Warren, if they dare

She is a clenched-fist candidate, boiling with indignation and bristling with proposals, including some that are punitive toward disfavored Americans.

May’s plan rejected, but hard Brexit might be worse

Diminishment and loss of control have been recurring British anxieties since the nation emerged depleted from World War II.

NIH cancels $100 million study of moderate drinking as irrevocably compromised

The National Institutes of Health on Friday canceled a mammoth study of moderate drinking, after determining that officials had irrevocably compromised the research by soliciting $66 million from beer and liquor companies to underwrite the effort.