George F. Will

George F. Will is one of the most widely recognized, and widely read, writers in the world. He is a political commentator on Fox, and his column, syndicated by The Washington Post Writers Group, appears in 450 newspapers.

‘National conservatism’ is ‘Warren conservatism’

National conservatives preen as defenders of the dignity of the rural and small-town — mostly white and non-college educated — working class. However, these defenders nullify the members’ dignity by discounting their agency.

For Democratic presidential field, it’s winnowing time

After two rounds of quasi-debates — “10-participant debate” is a quasi-oxymoron — the Democratic field is well on its way to contraction.

Hey Democratic presidential hopefuls: Before moderators ask theirs, mull these queries

The Democratic presidential circus pitches its tent in Detroit this week. It will be especially entertaining if the presidential aspirants are asked some questions like these.


Harris is probably sick of talking about health care

One cannot unring a bell and California Sen. Kamala Harris cannot erase the fact that she has repeatedly said she wants to take from 217 million Americans something most of them like.


There’s strength in choosing not to bomb

Credibility is less a function of using force than of demonstrating prudence.

New Hampshire community honors 12 who lost their lives in World War II

A Navy reservist and military historian was among the few dozen people in a lakeside lodge at Richmond’s Camp Takodah, N.H. They'd gathered to remember 12 individuals who had attended Camp Takodah as boys and died in World War II as young men.


Sanders is FDR’s unimaginative echo

What Sanders offers as forward-looking socialism is a warmed-over version of what President Franklin Roosevelt advocated 75 years ago.