Doyle McManus

Doyle McManus is Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times. He has been a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, a White House correspondent and a presidential campaign reporter, and was the paper’s Washington bureau chief from 1996 to 2008.

To judge monuments, think about their meaning

The distinction is not only whom the statue shows, but what message it conveys.

Both parties had a chance but failed on police reform

What went wrong? Both sides behaved badly. Each surrendered to internal political pressures.

Pentagon an unexpected center of resistance to Trump

For the generals, this isn’t only about following the Constitution. It’s a matter of protecting the services in which they’ve made their careers.


Trump doesn’t like mail-in voting, but it’s not his call

Ironically, voting by mail in its old-fashioned version, the absentee ballot, has traditionally been a Republican specialty.


We won’t end COVID-19 with ‘test and trace’

Our political culture often puts individual rights before communal interests. We’re not obedient people by heritage; the Constitution enshrines our right to rebel.