Doyle McManus

Doyle McManus is Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times. He has been a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, a White House correspondent and a presidential campaign reporter, and was the paper’s Washington bureau chief from 1996 to 2008.

‘The presidency has become a nuclear monarchy’

The president can annihilate the people of North Korea entirely on his own.

Congress wades into the social media swamp

This isn’t only about who won the election. Russia wanted — perhaps above all — to stir up divisions among Americans.

Who’s to blame if the ACA blows up?

Sooner or later, voters are going to take the president at his word and hold him to his promise of better health care at lower cost.


Start with narrow gun bill that could pass

The impulse to tackle too many problems at once is one of the reasons Congress hasn’t succeeded in passing any major restriction on firearms in more than a decade.


About Kushner’s email problem …

If you thought Clinton’s emails were a scandal last year, can you argue now that Kushner’s private server is nobody else’s business? And if you thought Clinton’s emails were no big deal, are you willing to give the president’s son-in-law the benefit of the doubt as well?