Doyle McManus

Doyle McManus is Washington columnist for the Los Angeles Times. He has been a foreign correspondent in the Middle East, a White House correspondent and a presidential campaign reporter, and was the paper’s Washington bureau chief from 1996 to 2008.

Stay-at-home campaign might help Biden win

With the pandemic dominating our lives, Biden can only cause himself trouble if he tries to become the center of attention.

China fills leadership void as pandemic plays out

So far, Like any other global cataclysm, the pandemic appears likely to change the balance of power — depending partly on which countries recover quickly. China appears to have increased its influence; how much isn’t clear. It has made the United States look ineffective; how durably isn’t clear.

Let’s hope Trump has learned from COVID-19

The real estate mogul who pledged to make the federal government work more like a business hasn’t kept that promise or even really tried.


Voters’ longing for normalcy benefits Biden

Voters pay attention to a president’s leadership in a crisis — his grasp of the issues, his steadiness, his ability to manage unexpected circumstances. So far, Trump is failing those tests.


Trump, Taliban both want US troops home

If Trump wants to withdraw troops as part of a comprehensive deal — one that avoids chaos, meets U.S. counterterrorism needs and gives Afghanistan a chance at peace — he’ll need to exercise unwonted self-restraint.


Trump just pretending to tackle deficit

“Promises made, promises kept” has been one of President Donald Trump’s frequent boasts in his campaign for a second term. He promised to balance the federal budget in eight years, a longstanding Republican aim that those economic growth rates could make possible.


Buttigieg’s Goldilocks strategy just might work

Buttigieg effectively tied with Sanders in the chaotic Iowa caucuses last week. But he ran well ahead among voters who call themselves “somewhat liberal,” the party’s largest ideological category.