Airmen, guardians can carry over extra two months of leave for three years
Unused leave exceeding 60 days is normally lost at the end of each fiscal year, but coronavirus-related restrictions since last year have made it difficult for service members and others to take vacations.
Army veteran, former Pentagon acquisitions chief confirmed as Air Force secretary
The Army veteran will now serve as the top civilian in charge of the Air Force and Space Force and work alongside Air Force veteran and military adviser Gina Ortiz Jones, who was sworn in Monday as undersecretary of the Air Force.
Congress wary of Space Force spending
The nation’s newest service is beset with old problems that slow the fielding of new gear and carve big holes in even the Pentagon’s massive budget, the House Armed Services Committee warned in a memo this month.
Lawmakers pan Biden’s first Space Force budget
The Space Force is the only service that both the Defense Department and appropriators would like to grow, a necessary step for the fledgling service branch.
Alabama-led space weather forecasts could help Space Command
Scientific research under way in Huntsville to improve space weather predictions will help the U.S. Space Command manage future natural threats to vital satellite communications and also shows the technical expertise available in the command’s new headquarters city, Alabama researchers say.
University of Colorado to join Space Force partnership
The University of Colorado will partner with the Space Force in a new program aimed at developing a workforce, talent pipeline and research related to space.
Enough cocaine to send someone into orbit found near nesting turtles on Cape Canaveral
A wildlife manager was checking on sea turtle nests at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station when she discovered bundles that turned out to be 30 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of $1.2 million.
Col. Robert Long takes command of Space Launch Delta 30 during ceremony at Vandenberg Space Force Base
Col. Robert A. Long relieved Col. Anthony Mastalir as the new unit commander of Space Launch Delta 30, which is the unit that also controls Vandenberg SFB and also supports intercontinental ballistic missile tests for the Air Force.
A new Space Force officer is the surprise NCAA champion in the steeplechase
Mahala Norris, who received her commission as a second lieutenant after graduating from the Air Force Academy this spring, outkicked the competition in the final stretch to claim the championship on Saturday. Norris will report to Vandenberg Space Force Base in August to assume duties as a Guardian.
New leader of Space Launch Delta 30 to take command at Vandenberg Space Force Base
Col. Robert A. Long will relieve Col. Anthony J. Mastalir as the person in charge of Space Launch Delta 30, the unit that controls the installation.