New leader of Space Launch Delta 30 to take command at Vandenberg Space Force Base
Col. Robert A. Long will relieve Col. Anthony J. Mastalir as the person in charge of Space Launch Delta 30, the unit that controls the installation.
Space Force’s second budget proposal grows by $2 billion as service expands operations
With the research budget up $725 million this year, the service will invest in protecting space assets, field new capabilities, protect the joint force from adversary use of space capabilities in conflict, and build combat-effective digital service.
Navy’s 2022 budget emphasizes unmanned vessels and hypersonic weapons, not 355-ship fleet
The Navy plans to procure eight new warships in 2022, though overall shipbuilding funds will drop by 3% from last year to $22.6 billion.
Air Force seeks to cut dozens of aircraft, invest in the future in $156.3 billion spending plan
The Air Force seeks a slight funding boost in its $156.3 billion budget request for fiscal year 2022 unveiled Friday, which officials said made tough choices to divest from workhorse aircraft to fund the service’s future weapons programs.
Army budget would drop by $3.6 billion under 2022 spending proposal
At $172.9 billion, the Army was the only military service to release a smaller budget proposal Friday within the overall Defense Department spending request of $715 billion.
Pentagon seeks $715 billion in future-focused budget that scraps OCO, boosts climate-change funding and increases pay for troops by 2.7%
President Joe Biden’s first Pentagon budget request places an emphasis on the future battlefield, with the Defense Department primarily focused on China, which seeks military parity with the United States in the coming years.
Space war-fighting laboratory opens at Kirtland Air Force Base
The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Warfighting Operations Research & Development Laboratory, or SWORD, will consolidate in the same site about 65 scientists, engineers and support employees who make up the Space Vehicle Directorate’s Space Control Branch.
Space Force officer is removed from command after accusing the military of pushing an agenda ‘rooted in Marxism’
Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was relieved of command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colo. on Friday “due to loss of trust and confidence in his ability to lead.”
Senators pressure Biden to review Space Command move from Colorado to Alabama
Lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee are urging President Joe Biden to review a decision to move U.S. Space Command from Colorado to Alabama, amid a new line of concern that intelligence missions could take a hit.