Inside the Phillies’ plan for Noah Song, the Navy aviator and pitcher preparing to recapture his form

When Noah Song was training on a P-8 Poseidon aircraft in Jacksonville, Fla., the Navy would put him in certain situations. Sitting in a cruise simulator, Song would have a different crew, a different flight and a different scenario almost every day. It taught him to lean on his preparation. He is using that with the Phillies.

Navy awards $2.8 billion contract for Pearl Harbor dock replacement

The planned five-year project will construct a large new dry dock to be designated Dry Dock 5. Dry Dock 3 will become functionally obsolete once the Navy retires the last of its Los Angeles-class submarines.

Police say intoxicated US sailor entered Okinawa apartment unit unlawfully

Japanese police arrested a US Navy sailor who allegedly entered an apartment unit on Okinawa while under the influence of alcohol.

USS Cooperstown rescues mariner off South Carolina coast

Cooperstown diverted course and deployed its search and rescue swimmer to recover the stranded person, who was then transferred to U.S. Coast Guard Station Charleston.

Pentagon pursues contract to study nonfuel uses for Red Hill

Defense officials have indicated that rather than removing the underground facility, which includes 20 tanks and extensive pipelines that lead down to Pearl Harbor, it wants to keep the infrastructure in the ground and potentially find another use for it.

Story of WWII Navy nurse from Pennsylvania gets new attention

Lt. Margaret “Peggy” Nash was a U.S. Navy nurse who served in the Philippines — where she was held as a prisoner of war — and the recipient of a Bronze Star.

Navy boxing coach, physical education instructor Jim McNally set to retire after 37 years

After nearly four decades as a physical education instructor and boxing coach at the Naval Academy, Jim McNally was hoping to ride off into the sunset without any fanfare. He specifically instructed the ring announcer to not mention it during the recent Brigade Boxing Championships.

Retired Navy leaders pan proposal for early decommissioning of 6th Fleet flagship

The Navy’s proposal to dump an amphibious command ship that it needs for keeping Russia in check is risky and ignores lessons from the war in Ukraine, according to analysts and a retired admiral.

Biden nominates 7th Fleet commander to be next director of naval intelligence

Vice Adm. Karl Thomas, commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet, has been nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as director of naval intelligence, one of several promotions or new assignments announced recently.

NAS Meridian breaks ground on wildlife exclusion fence

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves joined Navy and local officials at Naval Air Station Meridian to break ground on a new $3 million fence to be constructed around the airfield as a way to keep wildlife off the runways.

Cruise’s new film would give Navy another Hollywood showcase

Fresh off the success of last summer’s blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick,” Tom Cruise appears to be working with the Navy again for an upcoming flick.

Japanese mayor commends US sailors for saving driver from burning vehicle

Two Navy sailors received another commendation for saving a Japanese man from a burning car last year near their base in northeastern Japan.

'Once in generation expansion': Can Electric Boat expand to build subs for an international goal?

America’s foremost builder of submarines is producing the ships that will form the front line for the U.S. Navy in a scramble by the U.S. and its allies to catch up with and contain Chinese expansionism.

Female 4-stars discuss sexism in the service, say the military is ‘much better’ for women now

All four of the U.S. military’s four-star female officers gathered in public for the first time to talk about the sexism that they have experienced in the service and how far women still must go before they’re fully integrated members of the armed forces.

Rich MacDonald resigns as Navy diving coach after arrest for second degree assault

Rich MacDonald resigned as Navy diving coach after being arrested on assault charges following a domestic incident involving his wife.

Navy reduces child care waitlist but needs workers to keep up momentum

The service has approached the problem in several ways, including an increase in the fee assistance for off-base day cares and in-home nannies, revitalizing unused space to be child-safe and beefing up employee incentives to get more workers on board.

Destroyer USS John Finn arrives in Japan ahead of USS Shiloh’s decommissioning

The USS John Finn will ultimately replace the USS Shiloh, which is due to be decommissioned at Naval Base Pearl Harbor.

Military spending act stirs new Red Hill worries

A provision inserted by Congress into the fiscal year 2023 national defense spending law has sparked concerns that the secretary of defense now has more control over when and if the Navy will defuel its Red Hill facility, diluting the state’s authority and making the shutdown of Red Hill less assured.

Sea Based X-Band Radar in Hawaii for maintenance, upgrades

Known to many Hawaii residents as “the golf ball “ for its large white dome, the 280-foot-tall radar has been in Hawaii since October after 662 days out at sea—the longest it has ever deployed.