‘You fight and you win, or you swim.’ USS Fort Lauderdale commissioned with reminders of global challenges
After the hourlong commissioning ceremony, the sixth in the United States this year, the ship was officially entered into active service for the U.S. Navy.
Navy expedites waterborne drones to close gap with China
The U.S. Navy is working to develop drone ships as it faces a growing threat from China. The Navy envisions robotic vessels keeping an electronic eye on enemy forces across the vast Pacific Ocean, extending the reach of firepower and keeping sailors out of harm's way. They also could be built for a fraction of the cost of conventional warships.
China accuses US of ‘navigation bullying’ in South China Sea
China says America's military deployments in the disputed waters could spark confrontations.
USS Ronald Reagan strike group enters South China Sea amid Taiwan tensions
The USS Ronald Reagan made its way to the disputed waters following a five-day port call to Singapore, departing Changi Naval Base.
Navy’s four drone ship prototypes get unprecedented workout at RIMPAC
The U.S. Navy’s four unmanned surface vessel prototypes are being tested together for the first time during the monthlong Rim of the Pacific maritime exercise that ends next week.
Helicopters at Naval Station Norfolk damaged by storms
The helicopters were on deck at the Chambers Field airfield when the damage occurred, Cmdr. Robert Myers of Naval Air Force Atlantic confirmed. The number of aircraft and the extent of the damage is unclear.
Possible part defect identified in ejection seats of some Navy aircraft, prompting fixes
Super Hornets and Growlers are among the aircraft that must have a faulty part replaced in their ejection seats, the Navy said, without specifying how many planes are involved.
Navy sets long-term priorities to counter Chinese and Russian aggression in new force-design plan
Navy leaders are strengthening their commitment to developing more advanced weapons and other capabilities over some traditional ships to challenge the increasing aggression from China and Russia around the globe, according to the service’s 2022 Navigation Plan.
Navy officer reports to Japanese prison as US lawmakers pledge support for his release
Navy Lt. Ridge Alkonis, convicted of causing the deaths of two Japanese citizens last year, reported to a Japanese prison.
Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station considering possible development
The U.S. Navy is eyeing some of its property in Seal Beach for possible development, and the military is asking residents for feedback.
Military aviation crashes are again on the rise. Are ongoing safety and training issues to blame?
A spate of military aircraft crashes over recent months is again raising questions about the Pentagon's approach to safety and training across military branches.
USS Essex is first Navy warship to deploy with upgraded 3D printer
The Navy deployed an updated 3Dprinter on the amphibious assault ship USS Essex recently, an upgrade that promises wider capability and a safer work environment.
Hawaii officials scold Navy for delays in Red Hill defueling plan
Hawaii lawmakers and health officials have chided Navy officials for delays in providing complete plans for defueling the Red Hill underground fuel storage facility that is the source of drinking water contamination on Oahu.
Alleging mistreatment, authorities close California kennel serving US troops
Authorities in California alleging animal cruelty recently shut down a kennel that boarded dogs for military members, leaving 21 animals unclaimed.
Decision on recovery of Navy Super Hornet from sea could hinge on presence of upgrades
The decision to recover a Navy Super Hornet swept off an aircraft carrier into the Mediterranean Sea likely hinges on whether the plane carried technology that could be exploited by China or Russia, experts say.
Hey Fort Lauderdale, your ship is coming in — Navy ship, that is
Next week the ship will arrive at Port Everglades, Fla., for a series of events leading up to the July 30 ceremony.
Navy transits Taiwan Strait as Esper in Taipei calls for end to ‘One China’ policy
The United States’ “One China” policy has “outlived its usefulness,” former Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in Taipei hours before another U.S. warship passed through the Taiwan Strait.
Navy to test meat alternatives at overseas bases
An amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2023 could require the Navy to serve plant-based protein options at two overseas bases.
Heady mercury: US bases in England and elsewhere bake under European heat wave
U.S. bases issued heat warnings and adjusted work schedules and uniforms as temperatures soared throughout Europe on Tuesday, particularly in northern areas unaccustomed to 100-degree weather.