Soldiers, Marines train in polar pairing with Nordic and NATO allies

Thousands of troops are fanning out across Finland and Norway to test their cold-weather fighting skills.

Alabama adds 26-year-old walk-on Marine veteran

A 26-year-old Marine veteran walk-on tight end is among the new players listed on Alabama’s 2023 roster, which was updated on the school’s website Tuesday.

Man suspected of dealing cocaine to Hawaii Marine who died of overdose received COVID relief loan

A 25-year-old Waikiki man in federal custody for allegedly selling a fatal dose of cocaine to a Kaneohe Marine reportedly received more than $20,000 in loans from a COVID-19 relief program for what he claimed was his taxi business.

500 Marines, veterans attend ‘over-the-top’ Super Bowl party in California

Busloads of Marines from Camp Pendleton’s 5th Marine Regiment and some from other units arrived at America Legion Harbor Post 291 ready to spend the day enjoying the Super Bowl.

Incirlik Air Base sees threefold jump in flights as US military services rush quake aid to Turkey

The U.S. military has facilitated nearly 2,000 air missions to deliver aid and personnel to Turkey in response to last week’s devastating earthquake.

US military launches earthquake relief mission in Turkey

The U.S. military has begun deploying forces to assist with earthquake relief in Turkey, officials said Friday, with a Navy headquarters overseeing the mission and a Marine Corps general on the ground to assess the scope of support that's needed.

Atlanta veteran receives medal as one of nation’s first Black Marines

The Montford Point Marines were the first Black men to enlist after President Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s 1941 executive order banned the exclusion of African Americans from military service. One of those Marines was Atlanta resident Sgt. Lee Raymond Shelton.

A Navy seaman moves mountains to be at his brother’s wedding

Duty kept the brothers apart for almost two years. But when Cameron announced he was getting married, Nick promised he’d be there. However, as the big day approached, it seemed likely he’d have to break that promise as he was still on deployment in Thailand.

‘Aircraft mishap’ drill simulates joint response to helicopter crash on Okinawa

Japanese first responders joined their Marine Corps counterparts to practice how they’d respond if a U.S. military helicopter crashed in the local community.

Marine Corps reports high levels of toxins at Okinawa base, but no ‘human health’ risk

A ‘human health risk assessment’ by the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center, from 2019, revealed high levels of dioxin and pesticides at three spots on Camp Kinser.

Unspecified number of US military’s Ospreys grounded pending part replacement

Some V-22 Ospreys used by the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy have been grounded until a part related to an ongoing mechanical issue can be replaced.

Japanese police arrest DOD civilian after drunken driving crash near Marine base

Japanese police arrested a Defense Department civilian on suspicion of drunken driving after he crashed into a fence at an off-base construction site, a police spokesman said.

Two former Marines share a football rivalry and a kidney

Billy Welsh, of Cherry Hill, and John Gladwell, of Kansas City, Mo., met on a military base in 2001 while serving in the Marine Corps. Gladwell, a Marine with years of experience, admitted he wasn’t too fond of the incoming recruit Welsh. But today they share two things: a newfound football rivalry and a kidney.

Alleged Waikiki cocaine dealer is charged in Marine’s death

A Waikiki man who was arrested and found with “ghost guns “ and ammunition was charged by federal prosecutors with drug and gun crimes after he allegedly sold a fatal batch of cocaine to an active-duty Marine who overdosed and died on Jan. 23.

Japanese police recommend charges for Marine suspected of crashing stolen car

Police allege the unnamed 20-year-old man broke into a local dealership, stole a car and crashed it into another vehicle, leaving its occupants with minor injuries.

Army unveils new parental leave policy, becoming last service to expand to 12 weeks

The Army on Tuesday expanded its Congress-mandated parental leave policy, granting 12 weeks of leave after welcoming a new child to all soldiers regardless of gender. The Marine Corps announced its new policy Monday.

MCLB-Albany retires military working dog Gombi

Gombi conducted countless command authorized vehicle inspections, random anti-terrorism measures, random vehicle inspections and numerous MWD demonstrations.

Marine apologizes to victim following crash of stolen car off base in Japan, report says

A U.S. Marine has met with and apologized to the owner of a vehicle that was stolen and then crashed last month outside this base near Hiroshima, according to a local media report.

Soldiers, Marines in limbo waiting for new parental leave policy to take effect

The DOD released guidelines Jan. 4 to expand the military parental leave program, giving uniformed parents 12 weeks to welcome additions to their families. But the Army and Marine Corps have yet to update their policies.