Mental health over the ‘mission’: Service members fear repercussions for seeking help, nonprofit founder says
One service member-focused mental health organization says the disconnect between service members and suicide prevention programs is not that military installments lack resources. Rather, it’s a perceived fear of repercussions for seeking mental health treatment.
‘Fix our washers and dryers’: Marines and sailors struggle to clean their uniforms at base in Japan
About 16% of the barracks washers and dryers, or 183 machines, are out of service at MCAS Iwakuni, a base spokesman said.
US, Norwegian militaries meet to talk Marine logistics in case of Nordic threat
The challenges of surging thousands of troops into Norway, which US Marines regard as their gateway to Europe, gave rise to a recent gathering of military officials there to strategize on mobilizing manpower and ammo.
How a US Marine veteran jailed in Venezuela for 2 years fought for his freedom
At Venezuela’s most notorious prison, in a section known as the “House of Dreams,” military intelligence officers torture inmates in the hope of breaking their spirit. But Matthew Heath refused to break.
Marines say new ACV is the future of amphibious warfare despite 4 flipping in surf off Camp Pendleton in a year
Marine officials are slowing the rollout of the new ACVs after the vehicle’s difficulties in the surf zone. Still, Marine officials say the ACV is the future of amphibious warfighting.
Pentagon ‘cautiously encouraged’ by 15% drop in military suicides last year
Suicides among active-duty troops in 2021 dropped about 15% compared with the record high recorded the previous year, but defense officials warned the annual report also showed the military’s suicide rate remained on an upward trend during the last decade.
‘US thumbing its nose’ at Russia with missile drills on Hokkaido, security expert says
The U.S. Marine Corps last week test-fired missiles on Hokkaido of the same type that have plagued Russian forces at war in Ukraine.
‘Eye to a future fight’: Marines see Australia as power-projection hub, former officer says
The Marine Corps is looking at northern Australia, where 2,200 Marines wrapped up a six-month training rotation this week, as a hub to launch influence into Southeast Asia, according to a former Marine officer.
Off-duty cop killed in Raleigh shooting was Marine veteran
A Raleigh police officer, among the five people killed in a mass shooting Thursday, previously served as a Marine at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville.
Marines and sailors aid victims after fatal jeepney wreck in the Philippines
Medical training kicked in for a group of American Marines and sailors who recently chanced upon a fatal traffic accident near a former U.S. naval base in the Philippines.
Marine recruit collapses, dies at Camp Pendleton
Pfc. Javier Pong “became unconscious and unresponsive” while “conducting scheduled training” on Sept. 27, the Marines said in a statement late Saturday. He was pronounced dead at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.
Cultural exchange program forms bonds between US, Japanese students on Okinawa
Twenty American and Japanese students recently came together on this U.S. Marine base for two days of educational and cultural exchange activities.
Okinawa files yet another lawsuit to block construction of Marine Corps runway
A new lawsuit is similar to one brought on Aug. 12 and seeks to reinstate Okinawa’s decision to reject a construction change application by runway builders, Gov. Denny Tamaki said.
Marines make 6,100-mile trans-Pacific flight in Ospreys
Hawaii-based Marines with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 268 recently concluded their deployment to Australia as part of Marine Rotational Force-Darwin with a 6,100-mile, island-hopping flight home.
Navy’s one-stop hotel reservation center is now booking rooms on Marine bases
The Navy’s one-stop hotel reservation center expects to take more than a million calls per year now that it’s expanded to handle lodging requests at Marine Corps bases worldwide.
Navy, Marine Corps create integrated task force for 18-month Indo-Pacific experiment
The Navy’s amphibious force and the Marine Corps’ crisis response in the Indo-Pacific are about to get closer as they merge command staffs for a series of upcoming exercises.
Marines to send F-35Bs to Philippines, fire HIMARS there and in Japan next month
Thousands of U.S. Marines armed with stealth fighters, attack helicopters and long-range missiles will train with Japanese, Filipino and South Korean troops in Japan and the Philippines during the first half of October.
Marines dismiss case against Japan-based lance corporal who refused COVID-19 vaccine
The Marine Corps has dismissed its case against a lance corporal who faced special court-martial charges stemming from her refusal to take a COVID-19 vaccine.
Marine Corps boss says war in Ukraine validates his vision for service’s future
Commander trust in junior troops will be tested in new ways on future battlefields, the service’s top general said.