Marine Corps Ospreys fly despite Air Force stand-down
The Marine Corps continues to fly its MV-22 Ospreys despite the Air Force grounding its fleet of CV-22s over a mechanical issue with the tiltrotor aircraft.
Military needs to clarify tattoo waiver process, watchdog says
All six service branches have policies dictating the content, size and location of allowable tattoos, but information on whether exceptions are available for certain tattoos can be difficult to find, the Government Accountability Office said.
Brother of Marine killed in Afghanistan withdrawal dies by suicide
Dakota Halverson, 28, took his own life on Aug. 9, nearly a year after his brother, Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, 20, died in a suicide bomber attack at the Kabul airport alongside 12 other U.S. troops.
Warrior Games in Orlando: A showcase of injured military members’ strength, skill and grit
The Department of Defense Warrior Games, which started in 2010, is coming to Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, drawing active duty and veteran military service members from around the country.
Fatal crash of US Marines’ Osprey in Norway blamed on pilot error
Pilot error was the cause of an Osprey aircraft crash in Norway in March that killed four Marines, the service said in a statement.
Okinawa prefecture sues Tokyo in latest bid to halt construction on Marine Corps runway
Okinawa prefecture has sued the Japanese government in a bid to block further construction of a Marine Corps runway into Oura Bay at Henoko.
Former Harrier pilot takes command of 1st Marine Aircraft Wing on Okinawa
A former Harrier pilot with a Harvard credential took charge Friday of the Marine Corps’ only aircraft wing outside the United States.
Tactical vehicle makes Okinawa round trip by chopper to test Marines’ combat concept
Marines from Okinawa demonstrated another facet of their commandant’s new island-fighting doctrine this week by moving a tactical vehicle by helicopter from shore to ship and back again.
Marines’ force revamp would demolish WWII hangar to make way for new units in Hawaii
The Marine Corps is seeking public comment on its plan to base squadrons of KC-130J cargo planes and MQ-9 Reaper drones in Hawaii, a project calling for demolition of a landmark World War II-era hangar.
Pentagon installs Langley as AFRICOM leader in ‘historic moment’
Michael Langley’s promotion to lead AFRICOM represents a momentous occasion for the Marine Corps, as he is the first Black four-star general in the service’s 246-year history.
Camp Pendleton Marine killed in Kabul honored with posthumous medal at Disneyland
On Aug. 8, a posthumous medal — commemorating Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola for his actions on Aug. 26 while standing guard at Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan — was presented to his family during Disneyland’s somber Flag Retreat Ceremony.
Airfield-seizure drills place US Marines, Indonesian troops in a working relationship
Okinawa-based Marines are participating in Super Garuda Shield, an exercise involving 2,000 American and 2,000 Indonesian troops.
Recruit’s training death was ‘avoidable,’ Marines say; charges could be brought against drill instructor
A report places the blame for the death of the Dalton Beals, 19, on training and leadership failures, including company commanders, but particularly cites the role of the Crucible team leader, a senior drill instructor whose name is redacted.
Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts,’ partially filmed at Camp Pendleton, wins praise from romance fans
Based on a novel of the same name, “Purple Hearts” revolves around Cassie Salazar, a struggling singer with Type 1 diabetes who can’t afford insulin, and Luke Morrow, a Marine who needs to pay off a drug dealer.
Senate confirms new leaders of SOCOM and AFRICOM, including Marine Corps’ first Black four-star general
The Senate has confirmed Army Lt. Gen. Bryan Fenton to lead Special Operations Command and Lt. Gen. Michael Langley to lead U.S. military forces in Africa as the first Black four-star general in Marine Corps history.
Prosecutors won’t charge US troops accused of passing phony $100 bills on Okinawa
Japanese prosecutors have dropped their cases against a trio of U.S. service members accused of passing counterfeit $100 bills to cab drivers on Okinawa.
Marine who refused COVID-19 vaccine requests new defense counsel for court-martial
A Marine awaiting court-martial on charges she says stem from her refusal to take a COVID-19 vaccine will be tried later this month because of a change in her defense counsel.
Japan-based Marine says separation order for vaccine refusal is ‘unlawful’
A Marine in Japan who refused a COVID-19 vaccine is being court-martialed for missing two flights to the United States to be discharged.
Marine COVID survivor on the mend and running course after double lung transplant
One day in early 2021, Robert Domen was a fit U.S. Marine pursuing his love of running. Two months later, Domen was fighting for his life.