Marine Commandant Eric Smith making ‘excellent progress’ after heart attack, Corps says

The Marine Corps confirmed for the first time that Gen. Eric Smith suffered a heart attack near his home in Washington and said the Commandant is making “excellent progress.”

‘Shark Tank’-style competition brings military innovators together in Honolulu

This was the ninth iteration of the contest, which was developed in August 2020 by the XVIII Airborne Corps and now gives members of all ranks and service branches an opportunity to pitch their ideas and concepts to a 10-judge panel of civilian technical experts and senior military leaders.

Senate confirms 1st female leader of Navy, new Air Force top general and Marine Corps 2nd-in-command

Adm. Lisa Franchetti was approved as chief of naval operations in a 95-1 vote. Gen. David Allvin was approved as Air Force chief of staff in a 95-1 vote. Senators unanimously voted, 86-0, to approve Lt. Gen. Christopher Mahoney for appointment as Marine Corps assistant commandant.

Soldiers fanning out from Oahu to Palau for readiness exercise underway this week

A massive, 10-day Army exercise in Hawaii brings together 5,100 U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, some of whom are expected to make a whirlwind roundtrip flight to Palau for a live-fire drill.

Marine Corps Commandant Eric Smith in stable condition at DC hospital

Smith was near his home at the Marine Barracks in southeastern Washington on Sunday when the emergency occurred and was taken to a nearby hospital, officials said. Earlier in the day, he attended the Marine Corps Marathon.

Senate to vote on 3 top military officers after Marine Corps commandant hospitalized

The Senate will circumvent a Republican senator’s hold on military confirmations to vote on the top officers in the Air Force and Navy as well as the Marines’ second-in-command after the Corps commandant was hospitalized.

Thousands of Marines wrap up 6-month rotation to Australia marked by loss

U.S. Marines deployed to Australia are back home after concluding a six-month training rotation, the Marine Corps announced Monday.

Bogus claims threaten to taint Camp Lejeune toxic water payouts to veterans

The government plan to pay billions of dollars to victims of toxic water at Camp Lejeune has unleashed a wave of fraudulent claims that threatens to disrupt or taint what could be one of the largest-ever mass tort cases.

Gen. Eric Smith, new Marine Corps commandant, hospitalized after medical emergency

Gen. Eric Smith, who was recently confirmed as the new commandant of the Marine Corps, has been hospitalized due to an emergency.

Navy veteran Jay McManus wins Marine Corps Marathon’s push-rim competition

Navy veteran Jay McManus leaves Sunday as the winner of the Marine Corps Marathon push-rim race. Julius Kogo, 38, won the men’s race, and Bonnie Keating, 38, won the women’s race.

We can ‘achieve anything’: Navy vet competes in Marine Corps Marathon to inspire others

Jay McManus, 48, served in the Navy for nearly 22 years before medically retiring. He will be among the more than 23,000 running Sunday in the Marine Corps Marathon. More than 6,200 service members, veterans and foreign troops are scheduled to participate.

Military suicides overall dropped in 2022 as active-duty rate goes up and Pentagon works on prevention

The suicide rate among active-duty troops slightly increased in 2022 as the overall number of suicides decreased in the military, according to an annual Pentagon report.

South Korea seeks to beef up annual amphibious drills with more US Marines

The South Korean military wants more U.S. Marines to participate in annual large-scale amphibious training on and around the Korean Peninsula.

AAFES pinpad partnership means more donations for Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service is partnering with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society to accept donations at its stores on Marine bases across the Pacific.

A Marine attack plane crashed off Miami in the 1950s. Divers just found it by accident

An AD-5 Skyraider that a Marine pilot ditched in the Atlantic Ocean in 1957 has remained in two pieces 66 years later — about 1,000 feet from each other — deep below the surface on the ocean floor. In July, two scuba divers with the Association of Underwater Explorers, found the wreckage off Miami.

Marine killed in homicide at Camp Lejeune; second Marine held for suspected involvement

A Marine has been killed in a homicide at Camp Lejeune and a second Marine is being held on suspicion of being involved.

Nearly 70% of US troops are overweight or obese, research report says

Almost seven out of every 10 U.S. troops are either overweight or obese, according to a new report, which also warns the growing trend could compromise military readiness and undermine national security.

WWII Marine and hero laid to rest at Punchbowl 80 years after his death

Nearly 80 years after Marine Sgt. Arthur Ervin died fighting on Saipan, he was laid to rest Monday in a ceremony at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl.

Marines announce new amphibious unit for Okinawa as island-defense drills begin

The Marine Corps plans to launch a new seaborne quick-reaction force on Okinawa next month to counter Chinese maritime expansion and protect Japan’s southern island chain.